Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in the City

My dear friend Wendy has a tradition of coming to SLC in December and couldn't make it this year. So, she asked if I would take some pictures. OF COURSE. You know me. So, I took some pictures one night while downtown. However, this night we didn't venture into Temple Square. Then, the night we did go to temple square it was an after thought and I didn't have my big camera. THEN, we planned a big fun night tonight downtown to see the last night of lights at temple square with the kids including hot cocoa and dinner at the Lion House. We had everyone super pumped about it. Last night was the last night for the lights. BAH! I'm so sad. So I direct you to this VERY old post...apparently the last time I took pictures with my big camera of the lights at Temple Square. Next year...I'm vowing now.