Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter took me by surprise this year.  I won't lie, we still have Valentines decor up! Yikes! But when Easter is in March it really throws off my grove.

Plus, we went on a fabulous family vacation to Southern California and arrived home just before Easter. More on that to come. After I can get through thousands of pictures to edit. Which isn't happening very fast due to the fact that D and I have been spending our nights glued to Downton Abbey...we are a little late to the bandwagon, but we have embraced it fully. WAH....we just finished season 3....Let our lives begin, again. 

The truth is, when I went to the store SATURDAY night, after the kids had gone to bed, there were no baskets left and no eggs to be filled on the shelves. So I pulled out some Valentine gift bags and fortunately one of my aunts sent us home from California with a few little plastic eggs that Veva had fallen in love with. That was pretty much the extent of our egg, candy, and treats Easter celebration.

I was okay with all of this, because I love Easter so much. And mostly because it is all about Christ and the commercialism is much less than at Christmas. It makes it a little easier for me to focus my thoughts on our Savior, his sacrifice and resurrection. We had a lot of conversations about Jesus and what Easter is all about to make up for the lack of other things.

My kids were hardly disappointed. They've never heard of the Easter bunny. My mom never played up the Easter Bunny thing and I don't feel like I missed out one bit. I mean come Easter Bunny?. A giant bunny that comes and plants eggs in your yard? Stupidest thing I've every heard. And honestly, when do I get credit for something?! I take full credit for Easter in my children's eyes. And it is still magical!

One thing that did pull through were Easter clothes from Grandma and Grandpa! I make the girls a hat every year (my rendition of the British Royalty and their adorable side-hat-ness) and we called it good.

However, Veva refused to wear her new Easter tights, and she insisted on wearing a skirt under her dress, and repeatedly disappeared only to return with another layer of bright pink lip stick on her lips and the surrounding areas. Sigh. D reminded me that I've been trying to teach her this independence. But can't we put it on hold for holidays and family picture days??

I managed to snap a few pictures. Jewel was the most cooperative and as you can see below, she was hardly cooperative.
And she is done! LET ME DOWN!
Aw, I love these four.
And when I suggested they hug it turned into a wrestling session.
How about a group picture?
Nope, not happening.
Alright, mom, we are done!