Thursday, January 10, 2013

Veva's first.

Veva had a big "first" last week. She graduated from nursery at church and moved into primary. Huge, right?
When I realized about two weeks into December that this day was coming soon I had mixed emotions. I knew she would love it, I was really excited and I was thrilled that she would be out of the germ infested nursery. However, I also knew that she and Dock would miss each other. Those two, they are two peas in a pod joined at the hip. They really have a special relationship. Nevertheless, I  knew at some point this day would come. I just didn't know what it would be like for me.

See, Veva's firsts are also my firsts. 

On Saturday, we went to the store to get a new dress for the occasion. On our way out D hollered to Veva to pick out some new shoes, head band, and tights as well. She did not let me forget those small details. 

We found ourselves at H&M and immediately checked out the sale rack. She found a pink dress with a horse head plastered across it. She was sold. I spent the next 40 minutes trying to talk her into some other really cute ones. Finally she looked at me and said, "Honey! I want the horse dress!" Yes, ma'am. You see clothing independence is a big one in my book. I let my kids take over their clothing choices in the morning. It is hit and miss, but I am not concerned if my children don't look like little models and I believe it instills confidence, trust and responsibility. It may seem small, but small things make all the difference, right? ANYWAYS, It would not be fitting if I didn't get off on a tangent. 

So, Veva had her horse dress. I obliged, lets get the horse dress. Next she found some multi-colored-tie-dye-effect sparkle shoes. She was in heaven at the sight of those puppies. Then she wanted the black tights with sparkly colored hearts. And of all the adorable hair clips and head bands she insisted on the grey deer with pink synthetic hair for a long tail. I really tried to be sneaky about talking her into the adorable bows that were pink and sparkly, but to no avail. 

She put an outfit together in true Veva style, and after I looked down at the arrangement I didn't want it any other way. It was so true to her.

Then, Sunday came around. 


After our main service Veva and Dock hugged and talked about how they would miss each other, then went their separate ways. I took Veva to Primary and she sat confidently in her seat next to her teacher. I left the room but sat at the door THE ENTIRE TIME. She had no idea I was there. I am THAT mom. Yes. I seriously did. I watched her every move, my eyes kept welling up. She was fine, I wasn't. I don't even know how to explain the feeling. I wasn't sad that she was growing up, I wasn't sad that she was in primary, but they weren't happy tears. They were just tears. And I was glued. I couldn't muster the strength to leave that doorway. My baby. I wanted to see what she did, how she participated, how she reacted. I didn't think I was a helicopter parent, until this moment...

After primary was over I found her and we hugged and she was glowing.  I asked her how it was and she responded quickly, "Did Dock miss me? I missed him." 

She loved it and next week everything should be back to normal. Veva will go to Primary and I will go to class...maybe. 

It was too bright! She is a PNW girl all the way. The sun is too much for her eyes. Have you ever wondered why she is always wearing sunglasses? Not because they are "cute."
I'd say she should be a fashion designer when she grows up...she is good. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

In 2013 I will....

And while I am at it...

These are a couple favorites...
(did I already share these two? Oh, well. They are worth watching again.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good morning, 2013

2012 will go down in my record books as an amazing year. Amazing in a lot of ways. It was painful, happy, sad, trying, regressive, progressive, beautiful, and fulfilling. Sounds like life, doesn't it?
I experienced what has certainly been my lowest lows to date as well as my highest highs. All within the space of a few months.

We moved to Salt Lake City and certainly had our reservations for the majority of the year, yet toward the end somehow fell completely in love. We brought another child into this world, a miracle that is the most beautiful declaration that there is a God. I entered into new territory that I certainly wasn't prepared for; three kids under three. (Three kids is the biggest phenomena to me! Two wasn't bad then I added a baby to the mix and my baby is the best sleeper and my easiest baby by far....but still three kids is a whole new world from two.) We rented...remember?  About six months in we bought a home. We frequented museums and exhibits galore, ate good food. We saw a slew of broadway shows.  This area has a lot to offer and we stayed busy taking it in. We saw lots of our family and good friends. We loved the seasons and took advantage of all of them. The Christmas season was magical. My babies turned into toddlers, and we discovered The Piano Guys.

It was a great year.

Life in the last year stretched us in uncomfortable ways while elating our senses to euphoria. Making us stronger and able for more. Through it all we grew individually and we grew together.

And now we welcome this new year with open hearts and, if I have learned anything over the last few years, flexibility and open minds. Bring it on, 2013.

After ringing in the new year in Idaho at my parents house I woke up on January 1, 2013 to my most favorite view in all the world, my childhood backyard frosted over, I knew this was going to be a great year, with the perfect start.