Monday, October 28, 2013


Alfie spent the weekend at Primary Childrens Medical Center. It was heart-wrentching to have him in there, but such a neat experience to be at PCMC. Wow, that place is special. Walking the halls was a sacred experience. Several times Donny and I found ourselves with tears in our eyes. The feeling I felt in that building was spiritual. Being there put life into perspective. Its easy to let go of those things that are not important when you witness what others endure day in and day out. I'm so grateful Alfie is home, but I will never forget the experience of being there. I believe God holds a very special place in his heart for children and it was so evident there.

Alfie tested positive for RINO virus. After a couple of days in the hospital he was able to come home. Just before leaving I asked the nurse to suction him out one more time. He had so much mucus and requires a machine and tube down his nasal passage to clear it out enough that he could eat and breath properly. As she cleaned him out, we all stood shocked at the amount of congestion. The nurse said she'd never seen so much in a baby before. Since coming home he continues to improve each day. He should be back to normal in no time.

During the two days Alfie was in the hospital D and I tag-teamed it. He would stay with him and I would stay with the older three, then we would switch. Every time I was home with the oldies and we would facetime D and Alfie, when Alfie heard my voice he would cry! Every time. Donny said he would be just fine until he heard my voice. That makes my heart melt, he is a mommas boy already!

While I was in the hospital with him on Friday, Steve Young visited the hospital and organized for the band Imagine Dragons to do a concert for the patients at the hospital. Alfie and I watched from his room. It was neat to see the love and dedication people give to help these children in need. We are so grateful for the help we received there.


Leisa Moulton said...

Such a sweet little man you have there.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Glad you were able to bring him home. It is so hard when they are sick, esp. that young!