Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I already had a post scheduled for today, but I am adding another one!

Although, don't miss the one previous to this, it is a very touching and inspiring video. Scroll down.

As for this one, Halloween.

I had grand plans this year for Halloween. Who am I kidding?

The end result.

Veva's costume- 100% finished thanks to my mom & D's mum.
Jewel's costume - 90% finished thanks to the fact that I didn't cover up a lobster on her side.
Murdock's costume - 50% finished. Actually only one part wasn't finished but it was the most important part of the costume.
Mine- 30% finished.
D's - 85% finished.

I let the kids choose a favorite literary character to dress up as. Veva chose Madeline. Then I chose the rest :)

D was supposed to be the bus driver from Mo Willems books (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus) but I never did get him a hat. So he didn't dress up.
I was supposed to be Amelia Bedilia, but I never finished my apron. So I didn't dress up.
Veva was a sweet Madeline.
Murdock was the man from Caps For Sale.
This in the end was a total flop because I had to explain to EVERYONE who he was. And not very many people had read the book. It is a classic people, go check it out at your library.
The other problem, he didn't have caps stacked on his head. I was almost finished and I ran out of glue in my glue stick, and I never got to the store to restock.
He didn't fancy the mustache. It didn't last long.
Jewel debuted the Halloween scene (her first!) as the rabbit in Good Night Moon.
"And now lets take a group picture!" Ya, right....

Weepy weekend.

Last weekend was "weepy." I attended Time Out For Women  here in Salt Lake City. We listened to so many amazing and inspiring speakers and talented musicians. We laughed and cried and our spirits were lifted. But all weekend I felt weepy. My eyes seemed to always be wet. This video depicts one of the individuals we heard from. Grab a box of Kleenexes and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My babies.

The last few months as a mother of three have not been a cake walk.  The demand of a freshly turned three year old, a little two year old and an ambitions baby has consumed most of my thoughts, time, and emotions.
But do you know what?
I cannot get enough of my kids.
This is not an easy job, but goodness how I love and live for it.
It is a responsibility that I love and honor. I wouldn't trade it for any other.
And even though it isn't an easy task, I wouldn't change their closeness in age.
These little ones push me to grow in every way.
I'm still trying to understand and catch up to their capacity to love, learn, forgive, forget, remember, their resilience is remarkable, their ability to express how they feel is prominent, their quickness to work through emotions is worthy.
Their unconditional love is humbling.
How is it that we start with these amazing abilities and somewhere along the line lose them only to work on perfecting them the rest of our lives?

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to: properly eat a caramel apple.

**We are praying for and thinking about all of our family and friends on the East Coast. Please keep all those in the pathway of Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.**

Now, on to more trivial things....

Dear blog readers,

This topic I am about to address is very important (first world problems.) Woah, I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets start at the beginning.

I am famous for my caramel apples.

You weren't aware? Or maybe you have been the recipient of the goodness and you are very much aware.

Now, I am not a tutorial blogger. Are you kidding me?!  I do not have the time or desire to take step by step pictures of a project. I'm lucky to even start or finish a project, let alone taking pictures every step of the way. Maybe if I was paid to blog. But I am not.


I consider this topic tutorial worthy.

You see, the majority of people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT A CARAMEL APPLE!

Gone are the days of laying into a caramel apple on the stick. It is a big no, no.
The ratios are all wrong.
The mess is awful.

So I give you a tutorial on how to properly cut and eat a caramel apple.

First, you need a cute platter. Because we all know that in our perfect lives off of the blogsphere we would only cut a caramel apple on the cutest platter we own. No, not on the plain counter top or a nasty kids plate.

Okay, now that you have an IKEA platter in place. Grab a knife.

Cut one side as close to the core as possible. And when you accidentally cut the stick going down the center hide it from view of the camera. Because that just wouldn't be cute.
Cut that piece into manageable pieces.

Choose another side.

And yet again, choose another side and continue around until all you have left is a core with a stick and perfect pieces to fit in your mouth.

Then refrain from sharing.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little eye candy for your lovely Thursday...

A shoot I did last weekend for my cousins. These pictures speak for them selves...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This girl...

In case you were wondering, the dog is not real.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Explore: Brigham City

We ventured out to Brigham City.

I am not an expert on all things Utah, we have lived here less than a year, but these are some of the things we have done.

We attended the LDS temple open house. It was beautiful. The interior and exterior were majestic. If there is ever a temple open house near you I suggest you go. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as those not of our faith are invited to the open houses to learn about the temple and the sacred work that transpires there. It was a neat experience for us and our kids.

A little photographer in the making...



D informed me that Brigham City fruit way was famous for "fruit way." Who knew? I didn't.
Dozens of fruit stands along one road. We stopped in for some famous peaches. However, I think it would be fun to come for the actual peach festival they hold every year. Apparently Brigham City is famous for their peaches.
And apparently she had a phone call that couldn't wait....

The building across from the temple is beautiful, it's the Brigham City Tabernacle.


I am pretty sure that is all that Brigham City has to offer.

Oh wait, Maddox slipped my mind. Obviously it didn't leave a huge impression on me.

I ate at Maddox last year after travelling with my mom, sister, and aunt. It is hugely famous around here. I must say, I was a tad disappointed in the chicken. It was dry. HOWEVER, the raspberry butter on delicious rolls was note worthy. A good friend of mine who frequents Maddox said they love it, but they never order chicken. SO, if you are going to venture out to try Maddox, I don't advise the chicken. You know, the meal they claim to be famous for....or maybe I caught them on a bad day.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Explore Salt Lake Valley Part 1

D and I both grew up in small towns. But, goodness, do we love the city. We have long term dreams of retiring in a high rise downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. We love going to broadway shows, museums, walking downtown cityscapes, eating good food, and diversity.

But the flip side is our love for the outdoors. Bellingham, WA was a dream for our love of the outdoors, nature and beauty. We miss the beauty, the beaches and bays, and breathtaking views we could witness right around any corner. I feel an amazing sense of peace when I am in nature.

Utah seems to entertain a happy medium of both worlds. A taste of big city, without being too big (downtown is completely doable for me to take the three kids alone), it is easy to get anywhere you need to go, and it delivers a taste of the outdoors. You just have to travel a little ways to find it.

So, I thought I would do a little series on what we have done in the Salt Lake Area.

Lets start at the beginning.


There is a lot to do downtown Salt Lake City. A stroll downtown around Temple Square and other church buildings as well as City Creek Center is nice. It's clean, mostly safe, appealing, and much of the historical architecture will put you in awe.

Lets start with City Creek Center and surrounding views.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little love from nature.

This is one of my favorite posts all year long. I love photographing fall leaves. After we dropped Vev off at Joy school yesterday morning we drove by some awesome trees, which line most streets in this Salt lake area. Dock cried for a cookie (??) while I pulled over and ran out for a two minute photo shoot with a tree.






Past fall foliage posts
HERE  - Fall in Bellingham. This one includes a pregnant me and baby V & D! These are also some of my favorite fall pictures I've ever taken.
HERE - Fall in Idaho

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good friends.

I love taking pictures of people I love. This family falls into that category. Brett and D mesh and Maren and I mesh. It is perfect. Maren is one of my best friends. We can chat for hours. And we do.