Tuesday, September 25, 2012




I am giddy as can be about this next one!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Less miserables. (Admit it...you're guilty of once calling it that.)

I love this for so many reasons.
One of them including the fact that Hugh Jackman says "Idear" just like my husband.
And another reason is Hugh Jackman.
And Eddie Redmayne? Where has he been hiding?? In England?
And lets talk about the sneak peek of Anne Hathaway. I was worried....not any more.
And you should be jealous that I have a live in Brit. In my house. Is an accent music to your ears?
I'll need a box of kleenexes and a tent so I can campout for opening night tickets.

So who is excited?!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Fall's fault.

So, it turns out Summer has nothing on Fall in Utah. Which explains my hiatus....maybe?
Or perhaps I am just full of excuses.
 It is PERFECT. The leaves are changing beautifully on the mountains and the town should be colorful in no time. I am excited to get out to take some pictures of them. A yearly tradition.

 Aunt Jody stayed with us for a night and short visit. The kids loved her, just as much as I do. She is a gem. If you know her you know she exudes love and energy and passion. She makes everyone feel special. She has a gift. Jody rocks the crepe department. I told this kids about this and they insisted on crepes for breakfast. She delivered. She was also a professional ballerina in her day and she has still got it! She showed the kids some moves.

  webIMG_3123_edited-1 webIMG_3119_edited-1 webIMG_3095_edited-1 webIMG_3092_edited-1 webIMG_3089_edited-1 webIMG_3070_edited-1

Jewel turned seven months old! I've never had a seven month old and not been pregnant. Until now. Do you want to eat her up!? I do. webIMG_3138_edited-1 webIMG_3165_edited-1 webIMG_3189_edited-1

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Murdock turns two!

My heart is so full of love for our little Murdock. He is a bundle of passion, love, highs, lows, excitement and peace.

I loved two years old for Veva and I can say once again that I love two for Dock. Murdock had a rough second year of life. Around twelve months old he started crying a lot. Before that he was such a happy giddy little guy. He would cry all the time. It felt like all day everyday. This continued until about 20 months old. There were many days I would cry with him. Occasionally I thought something was really wrong with him. Only recently have we begun to see him much happier and more content. He is communicating very well. That little boy has so much inside of him he just wants to be heard and understood!

Dock has one decible level: Loud. He lets his emotion be known. Murdock is passionate. He has the highest highs and the lowest lows. He is a lover. He wears his heart on his sleeve and falls in love so easily with people, places and things. Anything he lays his eyes on, really. He has the biggest heart with a lot of room for lovin'.

His passion is contagious. His happiness fills you with warmth but the other side of this is his saddness. It breaks your heart.

In his passionate heart, Murdock cares so much for people. He is a peacemaker. He will give up his most prized possession to help someone be happy. He recognizes emotion and loves to make others feel good.

We love our sweet boy. When we think of him we can't help but smile.
- Dock loves his daddy. He loves his momma, but if Daddy is home there is no debate. Daddy wins.
- Murdock loves pockets. He loves to put his hands in his pockets as well as fill them with cars and dinosaurs.
- He says "Ow" about everything. If his hands are dirty, if someone touches him, if he is stuck somewhere, if he is finished holding jewel, If he is hurt, if I do his hair....
- He figured out how to use a golf club without ever seeing it done. He picked up a baseball bat and knew exactly what to do with it even though he'd never seen a bat swung. When it comes to a sport with a ball this boy can figure it out.
- He loves Woody, Mater, Thomas, Care bears, princesses, Elmo, Strawberry shortcake, balls, golf, baseball, American football and football(soccer).
- He loves to read and will sit down for long periods of time to read books. I could never get Veva to sit still long enough at this age to read through a book.
- He loves to eat. His favorite food is guacamole.
- He doesn't like to be anywhere without Veva. Downstairs, in the sandbox, upstairs, outside...where ever. If she leaves he gets really upset.
- He speaks in four word sentences.
- People always notice his bluest eyes. He inherited those beauties from his Grandpa. I have dark brown and D has true green.
First failed attempt at a two year old photo shoot of Murdock....
A few from his birthday party...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Joy School

Veva had her first week of Joy School this week. It was so exciting! Some of my earliest memories were from Joy School as a little girl. I really love the idea behind it and the curriculum. It is parent led and values based. At this stage in my kids lives I feel like they should be learning good values, right and wrong, about their bodies, about the sights and smells around them, about honesty, etc. And that is precisely what Joy School is.

If you want to check out more about it you can look here. http://valuesparenting.com/

That website is good for more than just Joy School information. It is full of great parenting information and tips.

Murdock was so sad. He wanted to go to Joy School with Veva. Both days of Joy School this week were sad for him. But boy did we have fun! I dubbed those two hours as Special Dock Time. He had all of my attention. I let him decide what we would do. We colored and ate guacamole and danced and played with cars. I could not believe how quiet the house was. We always thought Dock was the loud one, but I am now convinced it is Veva. Those couple of hours were so relaxing and rejuvenating. Two kids was a nice break. However, I am really excited for my week of teaching to come up! All the mothers take turns teaching.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


What is that you say? You need a new video to watch? Oh, okay. Sure.

Make sure you watch this one all the way to the end. The end is powerful.

And while we are at it, how about this one.

That David Osmond...

Remember, I go way back with the Osmonds...Well, I live vicariously through my talented mother.

I have so much I want to share, but I tell you what, this three kids thing? It is A LOT of work. Veva started Joy School this week and for two hours, two days this week I had two kids. It was so relaxing. Perspective. I'm hoping to find a little time to write some thoughts soon. Dock is turning two this week!!