Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friday Family Movie Night

There are some days that it would be really nice to pop a movie in and have a little quiet/relax/productive time for myself, but it doesn't work like that at our house. Electronic stimulation makes our little man really, really grouchy. And I would rather have happy kids.

So, the kids don't watch any television or movies (which I am sure isn't a bad thing) with the exception of Friday Family Movie Night. It is a huge hit. All of us love it.

We plan an easy and somewhat clean-to-eat dinner, sit and eat in front of our minuscule television, (which is smaller than our computer screen) on a blanket, in our jammies, top it off with freshly homemade kettle corn and watch a movie. All of us. Because it is such a rarity the kids love it.

One Friday D came home from work with the movie Toy Story. We have a Toy Story book that Dock obsesses over. Each of the kids also have a Woody/Jessie doll. But they have never seen Woody and Jessie walk and talk. After the movie started D and I watched these beloved characters come to life in their minds, it was magical for them. Mostly for Dock, Veva could take or leave Toy Story. Dock gave us a play by play of all the action. He would call out who was on screen and what they were doing. "Woody running!" "Buzz fall!" "Woody sad."

I look forward to Friday night every week. It is certainly a highlight for the kids. And it doesn't make anyone grumpy because right after the movie the kids go to bed.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy anniversary to us!!

As of today we have been married six years!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Bolf Gall"

Dock takes Golf very seriously. He loves it. So does his daddy. And his grandpa.
These pictures melt my heart.

Friday, August 17, 2012


We are headed to Idaho so I can get my cowgirl on at the fair and rodeo. I leave you with some fluff for your weekend enjoyment.

I was at this concert. It was amazing. She is so sweet, classy, and talented. And this song? One of my all time favorites.

And her partner, Mark Ballas, from Dancing with the Stars showed up! They danced and we all enjoyed a great show!

I laugh so hard I cry...

This is a good one, too.

I sure hope you have lots of time, because these are all so good.

Oh boy, this one...

This one gets me every time.

Oh, so does this one...

We are in need of some new ones to mix in with our regulars. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little help, please.

I've tried a new method of commenting called "Disqus" for the simple fact that I want the comments section to be more interactive. I want to be able to respond for a more conversational feel. But I am really not loving it. Have any of you used Disqus? I find a major delay in the posting of comments from the time I receive a notification that one has been posted and some that I am notified of never actually post. For those of you posting comments is it more hoops to jump through or is it fine?

I am really confused! Any advice/thoughts?

My secret.

I often times get asked, "How do you do it with three little ones and not go insane?"

The truth is in some areas I enlist help.

Let me start at the beginning.

There are a few things that I am really passionate about.

1. I don't like to be miserable. So i spend a lot of thought and energy on being happy.

2. I cannot function in a messy house.

If my house is dirty I sink. Meaning, my life takes over me. The kids win all day long. They destroy everything. I cannot keep up. I'm grouchy and they're grouchy. No fun.

I really dislike those sayings that fly around pinterest and facebook implying that a dirty house means you are a good mom. Does that mean if I have a clean house I am an uninvolved or bad mother? I don't think so.

I grew up in a very clean house. And D and I like to have the same. If I can stay on top of my schedule I can keep a clean slate to work with every day. A little untidiness is okay by me during the day. However, a house that looks like a tornado came through is not.

Currently it is one against three. I have three kids destroying my house and one me. Veva is starting to do chores, but nothing to the extent of serious house work.

So how do I do it?

The truth is sometimes I don't.

But my ideal is this...
1. De-clutter and organize your life. Everything should have a place. This also means baby-proof. Put toddler-proof handles on doors of the rooms you don't want them in.
2. Go to bed with a tidy house. Ceiling to floor. Wall to wall
3. Before we do anything outside the home we have a morning routine. First eat breakfast. Next, get dressed, brush teeth, clean rooms, and make beds. Everyones room must be clean and beds made before we begin our day. At this point I still have a clean house and good habits are being formed.
4. Clean up meals right after meals. Don't let food sit out or plates stay on the table. Clean the table and floor right away. Don't let the mess own you, own it.
5. Teach the kids to put away one toy/mess before making another. This takes hands on parenting. It is easier to do it ourselves but one day we will be grateful we took the time to teach.
6. First thing in the morning fold the laundry from the dryer. Start a load in the washer and swap it to the dryer before you go to bed. It will be ready for you to fold in the morning. One load a day keeps the mess away. And don't ever put a load in a basket to sit. Fold it.
7. Empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning. Keep dishes out of the sink and in the dishwasher all day. My mom has always said the house can be untidy but it will feel clean if your bed is made and the dishes are done.
8. Clean the entire house before bed. It won't take long, since you start with a clean slate and do things to help throughout the day it will be a quick clean up. But oh-so valuable.
9. I am not so good at number nine...take a deep breath and don't stress about cleanliness while you are trying to make it happen.

This brings me to the last and final point and purpose of this blog post.

10. Call in reinforcements.

Between house work, eating, wifing, laundry, dressing, diapers, cooking, sleeping, breathing, and all other mom and wife things I use up every ounce of my day.

"So, when do you clean toilets and wash baseboards and wash showers and wash blinds and windows and all the other nitty-gritty Idontwanttodothisjob things?" you ask?

I used to stress myself out about it and squeeze it in and now I occasionally defer it to someone else.


A house cleaner.

Cheating? No. Lazy? No. Smart? No. Genius? Yes.

In two hours she can do what takes me a week.

The house is tidy when she arrives and she works her magic on those other things I mentioned.

I love it. Just when I realize I cannot keep up, I call her up.

Until I have older kids to defer the toilets to. I'm okay with this!

When she came this week I took the kids out so that they wouldn't destroy while she cleaned. We went to the Salt Lake City Library for story time. It was A.MAZE.ING. Best story time we have ever been to, hands down. These people were professionals. I loved it, the kids loved it. I laughed, they laughed. We all sang and danced and you bet we'll be going every week now. After that we treated ourselves to some Jimmy John's because I wanted my clean slate to stay clean a little longer.
So, go make your bed and commit to a cleaner life. It feels real good!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sad day made better.

Monday morning was a little crazier than usual and I wasn't able to get ready before D left for work. That is a very essential component of my day. I was reminded that this is so once again.

I took a quick shower and after getting ready in record time I walked into the front room and asked, "Hey, Vev. What are you up to?" She responded, "I'm not cutting my hair." 'What?' I thought to myself. I remembered that in haste last night I put the hair cutting scissors in the shelf above her toilet. So I went to the bathroom to make sure they were still there. Phew. They were. So I moved them to a safer place.

An hour or so later I was helping her finish up after going to the bathroom and I looked down in the garbage and saw blonde curly locks. What? Then I found some more at random places in the house.

Yes, she had done it. She cut that blonde curl. And she cut a lot.
webphoto (32)
I was so sad.

But our friend Katelyn saved the day and shaped that hair right up.

And you know what? I love it! She looks so grown up.

See for yourself.
And a few of the rest. I cannot get this boy to look at the camera.
Eye lashes to die for, right?
At least one person thinks I am funny...
In the end all is well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In case you were wondering,

Temple Square is as majestic as ever. It never gets old. No matter how many times we go back. It is currently sporting pink and purple hues. The grounds change with each season. I can't wait to see the lights around Christmas!
I studied some historical architecture in my undergraduate degree and the Salt Lake City Temple is one of the great architectural buildings in all the world. It is really amazing, the building and the history behind it. I'm still in awe that I was married in that beautiful temple.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I've been on sabbatical

The truth is there are only two times I take a hiatus from my blog.

1. The first trimester of pregnancy
2. The summer

No, I'm not pregnant (just admit were wondering....) Yes, it is summer.


But, I now have a blog makeover so I just might be back before summer ends (which is coming way too fast.) After a whole lot of attempts at making a cute header I succumbed to the fact that I am a photographer and not a graphic designer. Although often times I like to think I am.

Do you like the makeover?

I didn't change my blog name. But I still may in the future. After my friend Steph's sweetest plea that I keep 'when skies are grey,' I couldn't disappoint her.

So, sit back, grab a cup of something and catch up on our lives whydontcha.

See you soon.

Six things about my six month old.

We cannot imagine life without Jewel. And we cannot figure out where the last six months have gone. They have flown by, I cannot believe she is this big already.
websix thingsIMG_0990
webtrial1six thinkgs 2IMG_1010_edited-2
websix things 3IMG_1003