Monday, July 30, 2012

July re-cap: My 26th birthday according to my iphone

I had the best birthday to celebrate the 26th year of my life. Between calls, messages, emails, sweet notes, surprises, gifts and love I felt pretty special.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

July re-cap: Veva's Birthday!

Veva and I had the exact same due date. Crazy, huh? We were both due on the 16th of July. However, I was kind to my mother and showed up a couple of days early; while Veva hung out and came a week late.

Therefore, July is packed with lots of parties! Between the 4th of July, the 24th of July (its a Utah thing) the 14th (which also happens to be France's independence day, Bastille Day) and the 23rd we stay pretty busy.

I really love to celebrate birthdays. It is the one day fo the year to celebrate that person. It is their day and I think it fun to shower them with lots of love and pomp on the big day!

When I asked Veva what kind of birthday celebration she wanted she decided on a "Cars" theme. I thought, "Okay?" but then I remembered all the outlandish birthday parties I had and how much it meant to me that my mom let me do my time I put on a magic show for my guests....oh boy. So I was fully prepared and excited to throw her a "Cars" birthday party. Then she changed her mind...about a million times. Finally she decided on Fancy Nancy. So, we went all out on the Fancy Nancy theme.

Our good friends came to town from Rexburg for one last goodbye before they move to northern Idaho. We will miss them terribly!










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Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby.

(Photo credit goes to my ever-so-talented sister.)

As of today I have been at this mothering thing for three years. I am still new at it. I am still learning. And I have already learned that I always will be learning. I've discovered that just when I think I have things figured out from my experience with Vev the others mix things up and I have to revamp.

However, Veva will always be my "first." She will always be the one to pave the road for the rest in a lot of ways. I've tried things and changed things and taken a different approach when I realized I should have done something different.

It is a big responsibility to be the oldest child; but I cannot imagine anyone more fit for the job.

Veva has been stability for me over the last three years. We've had a lot of change, a lot of kids, a lot of jobs, a lot of happiness, a lot of everything. She has handled the change remarkably well.  That is just her. She has the ability to stay constant.  She is well mannered, obedient (for the most part), her "terrible-two's" weren't so terrible and three is starting out great. She is pleasant, enjoyable, and her happiness is contagious.  She is kind and generous. She has a soft heart that is broken easily. Ever since she was learning to talk she has been aware of emotion. Before she even enjoyed pointing out colors or animals on the page of a book she would notice the emotion on their faces.  Whether someone was sad or happy or mad. Even still she is always concerned about how everyone feels and loves to ask us what we are feeling, "are you feeling happy or sad?" Veva's dominate emotion is happy and enthusiastic.  She makes people feel good. Veva uses words like, "fabulous," "amazing," "beautiful," "I love it!" and she expresses her feelings freely.

Not long ago I was driving with my mom and during one of our conversations I said, "Mom, I was such a dreamer.  Why didn't you sit me down and try to drill reality into my brain before I went off on my own." She responded, "Because I loved that about you. I never wanted to squash you. I loved your enthusiasm and I knew you would do great things with it.  I never wanted to hold you back. That was something I was very careful about." At that moment I thought about my own kids. I don't want to change who they are. I don't want to make them someone they are not. I want to raise them as individuals.  I want my part in their lives to bring out the best in themselves.  I want to be someone who helped them be their best self.  Not someone who trained them to be someone they aren't. I want them to be comfortable with who they are. I want to help them find confidence in their individuality. And I want them to know who they really are, not who someone expects them to be or wants them to be.

As my first sometimes I wonder if I am too hard on Veva or expect too much of her. After that experience with my mom I am being especially careful. I'm trying hard not to make her someone she isn't. In an effort to raise her I don't want to squash her. I want Veva to be the best Veva she can be.

Just a few things about Veva,

- She has a shoe fettish (and not a shoe fettish like I have...) This girl loves shoes and everyone else's shoes.  If you walk in the door and plan to stay a while she will be at your feet beckoning you to remove them and within seconds they will be on her for the remainder of your stay.
- She has names for everyone. Dock has had a plethora of pseudonyms including, Bonnie, Jody, Jason, and Chashin'  recently she referred to Jewel as Eugene.  She also has two imaginary friends names Annie and Zenna.
- She loves anything girly: pink and jewelry and princesses and dolls and painted nails.
- That being said, this girl loves to wrestle and is always asking people to "rough house" with her.
- Veva loves music and dancing and prefers the music to be loud in the car.
- She often calls me (mom) hunny. "Hunny, don't do that." "No thanks, hunny."
- She loves to categorize people as babies, kids, mommies/daddies, boys and girls.  Currently those categories involve most of her world.
- She is very expressive and animated in her facial expressions.  You never have to wonder how she is really feeling.
- She has the cutest little raspy voice.
- Often times she talks with a silly voice.  She has a face that accompanies it... it is pretty funny.

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Friday, July 20, 2012


My next post will be a recap of July. It is a very interesting month in the great state of Utah.  I'll explain in detail. Until then enjoy a preview of our family 4th of July firework show gone bad.  My phone just happened to be recording and caught the action. And "video-ing" ?? It was said in a moment of passion....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Have you missed me?

I've missed you...kind of. What i mean is, all you really are is a number on my stats bar, because most of you never comment. So i don't really know who most of "you" i making sense? Anyways, I'll still keep you.

I'll be back once my to-do list is shorter than I am. Until then enjoy some instagrams.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have only met this family twice but I am already crazy about them. This guy was D's very first mission companion, which means he was D's "trainer" when he started out a two year mission for our church.  They spent a lot of quality time together way back when (like 10 years ago...) He calls D "Donny baby."  Enough said.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Renting 101

We rented for less than five months while here in Utah.  Those 22 weeks were some of the most eventful in our lives.  

Day 1.
D arrived to the house first.  We hadn't actually seen the home, only in pictures online. The pictures looked fine. After he arrived and inspected the place, D called me (I was about to leave Idaho, into the last leg of our journey, with the kids. Our belongings were arriving within a few hours to the house in Utah in a giant trailer,) "I don't think this is going to work." "What?" I responded.  "What are we supposed to do, I don't think we really have a choice." We were homeless. So D talked to owners and asked if we could change the lease to six months.  They agreed. Phew. We decided we could handle anything for six months....right?

Day 1 II. 
There are actually only three bedrooms and one makeshiftnotuptofirecode bedroom.  They advertised four bed two bath, and I don't think you can consider the basement "finished." I tried to talk her into lower rent, nope.

Day 2.
More animal and human hair than I care to ever clean up again. It is one thing when it is your own. It is another thing when it is a complete strangers. The real wood floors were covered in black soot.  My mother and I scrubbed every square inch on our hands and knees because not even a steam mop would do the trick. Did I mention I was nearly 9 months pregnant? I demanded a cleaning credit after that one.

Day 3.
Dryer breaks. Landlord decided she will invest $100.00 into getting it fixed.  A repair man came out to repair it.  It worked for one day. He came back and informed me the dryer is so old they don't even make the necessary part anymore.  The landlord decided she would not replace the dryer. Lets just say that modern machinery is a gift from God to make us happier people. 

Week 2. 
Dishwasher breaks & the garbage disposal motor went out. 
Unfortunately the landlord won't repair any appliances. So we bought a dryer and we did the dishes by hand. And then we prayed that the refrigerator wouldn't die on us!

Week 4. 
Water heater leaks. Luckily we caught it quick. They replaced it.

Week 5.
Basement floods. Water flowing from under the walls.
Plumber comes.  The main line needed pumped. Six feet of roots growing in the main sewer line.

Week 5 1/2.
I had a baby!

Week 6.
Basement shower has no insert tray, water leaks out the walls.  The Landlord decides not to fix the problem until we are out.

Week 10.

Snakes.  At least four of them living on my front porch, no better way to say "welcome!" This issue was never resolved...

Week 13.
Kitchen sink clogged.  Landlord sends two different people out to fix it who claimed they could not.  Finally, she called the plumber who then called a pump specialist.  We were without the kitchen sink for over 24 hours. Remember, I have to do all my dishes by hand (due to an broken dishwasher) and my baby is 100% bottle fed...washed dishes and bottles in the bathroom...awesome.

Week 16

Wind storm resulted in a shattered back door...never fixed

Week 20
two weeks before we moved out my pepper shaker fell from the cupboard and cracked the ancient glass stove.  This resulted in drama, legal advice and over $500.00.    

Week 21 1/2.
Thank heavens we were just about out.

Week 22.
We signed papers on our house and sighed a huge sigh of relief