Monday, April 30, 2012

Walk MS

I often hear people say how much they hated high school.  I had an entirely different experience.  I loved high school.  Mostly because of my friends.

My high school buddies and I have all gone our separate ways (except for Brandt and Dani who got married :) but we remain great friends. We consist of Brandt & Dani, Kimmy, Tom & Cade (who act like they are married...), Aaron, Whit Ro, Whit B, Abram, Carla, and Me.

Abram's dad suffered from MS until it eventually took his life. Their family is an inspiration to me.  I love them all so dearly and admire their courage and strength. As an honor to Craig, his family, and our dear friends Abram & Aubry we all join in the MS fight with them. My Grandma also suffers from MS and she is at the forefront of our thoughts in this fight.

We had a great weekend seeing everyone and fighting a great cause.  I was even able to spend time with a good friend from Bellingham.  The sweet thing brought my favorite cookies straight from my beloved Haggen and crocheted blankets for each of my kids!! Mandy is a keeper!

Photos from my camera & iphone.

D has his eyes closed in 82% of pictures....
WEBphoto (22)
WEBphoto (23)
WEBphoto (21)
WEBphoto (24)
WEBphoto (25)
Super grandma Ida!! Helping out with little A.
Dock fell asleep...
D was the official kidsaregettinggrouchyputthemonyourshoulders guy.  Whit's little Lincoln's turn!
Jewel was pretty popular; Cade didn't want to share, either.
Delta and Aubry tag teaming a diaper change.  Poor Alivia wasn't feeling good.
WEBphoto (26)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Longing for the past.


The ins and outs of my everyday life crave Bellingham.

In a strange way it doesn't feel like we have moved.  I feel like I've been a little out of touch with life since having a baby and now I am ready to jump back into our old life with full speed.

I am still waiting to go back to church and see Bishop Clark's smiling face, sweet Sister Harper lead the music in Relief Society as she tells us why the particular song is so special to her, Donna's loving open heart and arms, the Jolly's occupy an entire bench with their army of kids, everyone sitting in their "assigned" seats in sacrament meeting, and Veva's excitement to be with nursery leaders she loves so much, even still. I'm ready to jump back into teaching my Sunday school class, oh how I love those kids.

I'm anxious to get back into our schedule of going to the library on Monday with the same people every week.  Even the paranoid mother who is overly protective of her child and super stressed about every little thing.  I miss seeing her, too. Wednesday was either cooking day with the friends while our kids played, or Toddler Time at the community Boys and Girls Club. Thursday was playgroup and as much as I hated going to McDonalds, I miss it and those ladies so much. I'm ready to get back into our daily ritual of the most beautiful walks. Anywhere you turn, there is a pocket of beautiful nature, parks and scenery, even in the middle of the city.

I'm ready to see my friends.  I want to be part of the conversations and inside jokes. I want to hear Catherine tell us about her day and how soccer went the night before, for Keala to say it how it is, for Bryce to help out with our next oil change and plumbing disaster.  I'm anxious to have Tori randomly show up at my house with something she picked up for me while visiting the dairy or bakery. I'm excited for Sarah to plan and execute something amazing. I want to laugh at Lesha and her hilarious sense of humor. I want to look out the window and see Wendy walking her kids to school. I want to hear Amy yell at her dog when I come to her the door. I need a long chat with Katy in the car while we go shopping, leaving the kids with the boys. My hair is in need of Kibby to work her magic. I can't wait for Tara and Sharon to come visit teach.

I want familiarity.

Change is just plain hard.  I've learned that time is my best friend in terms of comfortability.
It doesn't help that we've been somewhat secluded and out of touch with life.  A new baby and the effects of sick season on top of new germs we've all been exposed to since moving here has kept us lying low.  Almost weekly the kids have caught a new bug and can't go into nursery at church.

Another change is coming soon and I'm ready to embrace it head on.  I'm going to do my best to be the friend I am craving in someone else.  I am convinced people here don't need friends, they all have family within in minutes of them.  But I do.

As much as I am longing to be in Bellingham, I'm going to make the most of where I am.  And now I am here, not there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dixie delivered.

Last week tax day came and went.  Is that confusing to you why tax day was on April 17th this year?  Well, let me fill you in if it is. Tax day is typically on April 15th.  However, April 15th was a Sunday which pushes the deadline to the next work day.  But not Monday because April 16th is a government holiday (They didn't have CPAs in mind when they dubbed that day).  Therefore, April 17th became tax day.
Enlightened?  I hope so.

Now that we have that important information settled lets move on.

D took the rest of the week off. We needed a big break. His parents came back to our house on the Wednesday and flew home on the Thursday.  We debated all morning on Thursday about whether we should take a weekend trip to St. George. We knew it would be good to save the money because we move into our house so soon (more on that to come).  But in the end we decided it would be a good thing to do. And boy it sure was!

Dixie delivered.

We showed up at my sisters house and surprised her!  It was way too much fun and the result was so great.

The entire weekend was just what we needed.  The best part of vacationing to Dixie is that we have our own space and the kids each have their own room.  It makes for a relaxing vacation.  We don't stay in anyone else's space; we dont cram into a hotel room; we have our own cute little house supplied with all the essentials for living. Well it isn't our house, it is actually my parent's, but it becomes ours for the time being.

We played and played and soaked up the sun and roasted marshmallow and ate good food and didn't get home until 9:30 every night.

If you ever venture down to St. George here are a few suggestions to add to your itinerary...

1. St. George has the coolest splash pad, hands down.

make sure you are always stylin'...

2. Good-cheap food. Twenty Five Main, which you will ironically find at 25 Main Street.


3. Thomas Judds


Don't forget to take a few glamor shots of yourself.  Because you can.

4. Ride the carousel for $0.50.
I have my mouth wide open like that 80% of the time.

5. Enjoy your family.

Dock is terrified of Ty.  And poor Ty just wants to give the kid a hug!

Now you are set. Happy travels!

In reality there is so much to do in St. George. What is your favorite?  Where are my Nielsen lovers??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Granny & Grandad

D's parents come to the U.S. every six months.  They have a pretty exhausting schedule visiting four of their children's families in New Hampshire, Utah and California and their friends in Idaho. We were their last stop.  I think next time they might re-think their schedule (come to us first when they have all their energy.)  They were already tired after three weeks of travel and then they had to endure our crazy life. Needless to say, I think we wore them out!  Our three littles are a tad crazy.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed having them.  We kept them pretty busy!

Check out Dock's shorts.  HUGE.
While playing at City Creek Center we ran into their good friend Jerry.
The kids did this over and over again with Granny while I got each of them into dry clothes.
We are glad we get to see them so often.  Hopefully soon we can start taking our own regular trips to Britain.