Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 Weeks old


Genes are a funny thing. I still don't really know who I look like. My mom and I will pin point different features that come from different family members but I am a pretty good mix.

When Veva was born we were sure she was a spitting image of D and it turns out she is looking more like a spitting image of me...with D's Mum's nose.

Then we knew when Dock was born (and we still do...) that he is a clone of D. But every time I give him a haircut I see so much of my sister's little boy Cade. And he sports my nose.

Then there is Jewel. When she came out I honestly had flash backs to Dock's birth. I felt like I was looking at him. Something stood out so strong that reminded me of him as a baby. Everyone said the same thing. The nurse said, "She looks like her daddy." We all agreed. Then she turned two weeks old and everything has changed.

Unless she got a new nose in the last week that little smashed nose has popped right out and it isn't the infamous Jack nose we thought it was. It is mine.

Last night my mom, D, & I did our best to analyze her and pinpoint different features. When we break it all down it appears that she is all me. Well, me with my uncle Craig's mouth. My mom kept saying, "I look at her and see my brother Craig!"

So we'll see who she morphs into in the next week. And then again in the next month. And so on. Genes are funny.

Oh, and that cute little dimple in her chin. I take credit for that, too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two weeks postpartum.

Two weeks postpartum.
Three of the five of us are sick.
We called in reinforcement.
My mom is here for a couple of days to help out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We miss the ocean.

Yesterday I told D I was literally aching to go to the ocean. He said he had been feeling the same way. While in Washington we lived just minutes from tons of beaches and ocean front views. What I would give to head out to Semiahmoo for some fish and chips at Packers on the beach while watching the sunset. That was one of our favorite things to do.

I need a little trip down memory lane. Isn't it beautiful?!  Just a few from our time in Bellingham.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All about me, Em.

Em & I go way back. Like waaaay back, kind of. It all started when D & I took as many religion classes in college as we could from Ross Baron. We loved him. There was always this kid in our classes. He was a Baron groupie as well. He was the quiet one who sat in the back. Not the annoying type who thinks they have something great to say about everything...Me. When he did pipe up you wanted to make sure you were listening. He didn't have much to say, but when he did talk it was profound.

At home we would talk about him & things he would say in class. That is how cool he was.

Then one day I saw him on campus with his gorgeous wife. She had long blonde hair.

Not long later she came to my place of work for an interview. I took her picture. Kathy (the boss) and I talked about how we really liked her and her cute freckled face. I didn't make the connection. This was THAT girl. The girl married to THAT boy.

She was hired.

We were hooked. Our relationship was love at first words. She and I were privileged to be stuffed in the back room together. Whether we liked it or not we had to be friends. We liked it.

Em & and I are so similar it is scary and so different at the same time it is scary. But I think we are more similar than different. Our similarities just manifest differently.

So why am I telling you all of this? For no reason, really.

The real point of mentioning Em is {THIS}.

(Beware....don't read her blog unless you are prepared to be addicted. She is dang funny. That is one area where we are really different.)

So, back to my reason. In that post that I linked to up there she got on her little soap box.

And I'd like to keep her in my life. So, this post is for her.

ALL. ABOUT. ME. (And her I guess...)

One-week postpartum.

This postpartum time can be challenging. Any mother knows that. Well, I wish everyone could have their third baby first. This third one has been much easier than the first two. For two reasons, she has come with less issues thus far than the other two and I am more emotionally stable, less stressed. Being a mom is less new to me.

So here I am...Em.

Some things are the same as my last two postpartum experiences (bags under my tired eyes) some things are different (I actually have clothes on...)
But don't get any crazy ideas...I don't look this good everyday.

Now if only I was as stylish & cute as her. Maybe if I lived in DC and had a lawyer husband.
But probably not.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In transition.

There is a special spirit that Jewel brings to our home.
Her presence carries with it warmth.
By now I know the “newbornness” leaves so quickly.
The way they fit perfectly on your chest.
The quiet naps and snuggles up close to your heart.
I can only think that warmth reminds them of home.
The home they left.
The newborn stage seems to be a transition from their home in heaven to home on earth.
It must be hard to leave the presence of God.
They need to soak up love and warmth.
They need that transition period before they start to discover their abilities and this new life.
Jewel is currently in transition.
We are soaking it in.
I hope she’s comfy in her new home.

Photo credit to my talented sister.


Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments of love and support. I loved hearing from you. We sure do appreciate it!

Yesterday my sister came to town. She and her husband loaded up their kids in the morning, drove 4 hours, spent the afternoon cleaning our house, watching our kids while we napped (the night before Jewel had us up from 7 PM to 3:30 AM...then Dock was up by 5. We were exhausted), fitting our basement with some carpet remnants, going on walks, and she took newborn pictures of Jewel. After a little birthday celebration for my sissy they drove back home. Now that is love!

All photo credit in this post goes to her. She is an amazing photographer down in St. George.
You can check her out {HERE}.
She captured her in a way that speaks to me. I love the simplicity and innocence of new babies. I'm not a giant-flower-the-size-of-her-head kind of person. I like the natural simple newborn look. And that is precisely what she captured for me.
Jewel is named after my mom and my sister. Two of the most important people in my life. Thanks sissy for making the trek. It meant the world to us!
Jewel Suzanne & Jaclyn Suzanne

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our sweet little Valentine!

Jewel Suzanne joined our little family earlier this week.
She is every bit of sweet newbornness you just want to eat up.
Labor and delivery went well.
4.5 cm to "baby's coming!" in 25 min.
Dr. said, "That was fast!"
Loved my doctor.
The kids are glowing and love the new addition.
I'm tired, but amazed at how little sleep you can function on.
D is a trooper taking care of us and working tax season.
My mom is a saint and a life saver.
Life is good.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hot date.

After a fun family outing to the Children's Museum D had plans.
I had a hot date.
Make that two hot dates. D & Kara.
D surprised me with dinner.
My good friend Kimmy watched the kids.
He surprised me when we pulled up at The Cheesecake Factory!
They don't take reservations.
75 minute wait.
No, thanks. We'll try another time.
So we hit up California Pizza Kitchen.
We had the best time.
We reminisced about the day when we were single and a little crazy.
I had just taken my last final of the semester.
I mentioned that I was really craving the Waldorf salad from CPK.
So D said, "lets go."
So we drove four hours one way.
From Rexburg, ID to Salt Lake City, UT.
Arrived to Salt Lake around 9:00 or 10:00 PM.
Ate the best Waldorf salad.
Satisfied my craving.
Fell even more in love.
Then drove back to Rexburg and arrived back to our apartments in the wee hours of the morning.
We broke curfew that night.
Oh to be spontaneous and young with little responsibility, again.
Now we are old and responsible.
But in love with our lives.
Next we tried to remember every Valentines Day we have spent together.
We could remember all but two.
The most recent two.
The two we had kids...
Are we getting more boring by the year?
Then we talked about our different cultures and what it has been like meshing the two together.
He just hit six years in the States.
I asked about what advice his parents gave him before he embarked to the United States.
He shared the council he would give our own kids if they ever went abroad.
He is a wise man.
We talked about our past, present, and future.
I fell in love all over again.
I was reminded of my favorite quality about D.
It is the thing that is the most opposite from me.
Maybe that is why I love it so much.
It fascinates me, because it is so far from natural to me.
Yet he does it without even thinking about it.
It is just how he is wired.
After a romantic night out with D I felt energized.
Ready to take on life again.
We picked up the kids, and met up with Kara.
D coordinated with Clay and surprised Kara and I with tickets to the BYU Young Ambassadors concert.
Date night and girls night all in one night.
We had a great time.
I stayed out past my bed time and giggled and laughed.
And felt so energized.
We all need a little time to "sharpen our saws."
I'm a better wife and mother when I take care of me.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Did you know...

From the time that you leave for the hospital to give birth to a child and come home from the hospital your other children gain 10 lbs??

True story.

I was convinced Veva had packed on the pounds while I was away giving birth to Murdock. I just couldn't believe she was that heavy before I left. D and my mom assured me she was just the same. But I had a hard time believing it.

Well, these two are about to grow up in my eyes over night.

At 17 months old this boy is going to graduate to big brother status.
He'll be a good one. He loves kisses and snuggles and babies and melts hearts with his charm. Perfect for a little girl's big brother. (Notice his crooked smile. Just like his daddy's. I love it.)
One thing will stay the same...he'll still be the man of the house while D is away at work. A status he takes seriously.
Dock has at least two bumps and bruises at all times. I can count the number Veva has EVER had on one hand. And she is/was much more adventurous than he is/was. I guess that is what comes with being a boy (and having a big head that always seems to hit first.)
There is a lot of excitement around these parts. Yesterday we went out and got a new outfit for each of the kids to wear when they come to visit the new baby at the hospital. It is the month of love so we went with a pink and red valentine theme.
This baby is one lucky girl. Veva is excited to "rub her back in bed," and "rock her." Veva is a protector and takes her role as the oldest seriously. Luckily Dock can hold his own. I'm sure this little girl will also learn quickly.
She is also ready to teach her all things girl. You know, important things like purses, sunglasses, nail polish, and dolls.
Baby is lucky to have these two as siblings.
They are the best of friends and I'm sure will take her right in to their fold. She is already so loved.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"...and the floods came up..."

After declaring that things were ready and in order for baby to arrive D walks up the stairs to inform me that the basement has flooded.

Week 1 - More animal and human hair than I care to ever clean up again. It is one thing when it is your own. It is another thing when it is a complete strangers... I demanded a cleaning credit after that one.
Week 2 - Dryer breaks dryer. Lets just say that modern machinery is a gift from God to make us happier people.
Week 3 - Dishwasher breaks & the garbage disposal motor went out. See week 1.
Unfortunately the landlord won't repair any appliances. So we bought a dryer and we do the dishes by hand.
Week 4 - Water heater leaks. Luckily we caught it quick. They replaced.
Week 5 - Basement floods. Water flowing from under the walls.

If you had been a fly on the wall you would have heard things like...

T: Are you mad?
D: I'm mad at this house.
T: (in a loving, somewhat sarcastic voice - but there is truth in the statement)"Come what may, and love it." (Then I laugh out loud)
T: I love living here. (giggling hysterically at how ridiculous this is.)
D: Not sure about you, but this might put me into labor.
Lots of laughing and giggling. And shaking our heads in disbelief.
I start having lots of cramps and a couple of good painful contractions.
D: Oh, dear. Not now.
We painted a picture of the worst case scenario.
D: Can you imagine if we came down and everything was floating?
T: Oh man we would be crying and not laughing right now.
If we weren't convinced to get out of here at the end of our six month lease before, we are now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

38 and a bit.

38 weeks pregnant looks like this.
- Contractions every 5-10-20 min. Darn fake labor. Three days straight.
- 3.
- Cankles the size of Texas.
- Frequently washing my hair. No one likes a greasy itchy scalp while giving birth. I never know when she is coming so I keep up on these things.
- Always wear my hair down. No one wants to lay down for hours on a big ol' ball on the back of your head.
- Getting dressed and ready for the day first thing. If I need to haul out of here to the hospital I'm ready!
- Constantly doing laundry. We don't want to come home to piles of dirty laundry.
- Deep cleaning everything. Constantly scrubbing the toilet, etc. New baby deserves a clean slate.
- Keeping an orderly home. If someone has to come stay at my house at 3:00 AM I don't want them thinking we are slobs. Just cuz I am 38 weeks pregnant doesn't mean I can't keep up on my chores.
- Binky boot camp. Yes, I put my foot down and decided it was time. Dock is a binky addict. He has at least two at all times. Lately he has been awful at night waking up around 2 or 3 for an extended period of time. We have tried everything. After finding every excuse not to get rid of his binky ("After the move." "After the baby comes." "After tax season.") I just did it today. Poor kid. He is so sad. But I really think it is the problem in his sleeping issues. We will find out soon. Hopefully we have this all resolved before baby gets here! He'll have plenty of comfort from his Momma, Dad, and Grandma when this baby comes. He doesn't need a binky to perform the duties.
- Excitement. Baby love is in the air at our house
- Bags are packed. Most prepared I've ever been for a baby to arrive. I've never had bags packed before.
- Clothes are ready. Oh boy, this brought back memories from Veva.
- Name is chosen. It is perfect for her. I already know it. I'm going to make you wait... :)
- Baby announcement has been designed. Starting to address envelopes.
- Baby gifts for good friends are being made.
- Headbands are being made.
- Newborn pictures are being plotted. My sissy calls everyday with new ideas. Thank heavens she is a pro newborn photographer.
- Valentines are being sent. We don't skip holidays around here. (remember we managed to celebrate Christmas while moving.)
- Visiting teaching is getting done.
- Lots of walks are being had. We even accidentally walked into a proposal yesterday at the temple. It was sweet. We were glad we got to be a part of it. Not sure they were. Hey, we didn't know?!
- Lots of fun family outings are being done. We are taking full advantage of family time before tax season and newborn lock down.
- Stocking up at Costco.
- Making as many yummy meals as I can before I don't feel up to it for a little while.
- Nesting? I think so.

Life is about to change and we are gearing up for it. Bring it on, baby! We are ready for you!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting older.

A couple of weeks ago D turned 29. 29 has not been so kind to him thus far. He just learned that he can't lose 10 lbs. by just thinking about it. I have heard several comments this week about the fact that after going to the gym once (okay so maybe it was really four times...) and cutting back on his portion sizes, he hasn't lost a pound! I explained to him that that is reality. And that it takes a little time. Welcome to normal people life. I then explained to him that he is almost 30 and I am sure his metabolism is slowing down a bit. He wouldn't believe it.

Every morning he points out every single one of the five grey hairs on his head. He says he is okay with it, but he can't seem to let them be.

I feel too young to be getting older. And D doesn't seem to be embracing the change either.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take a Chill Pill.

As a precursor...
I'm not a very stressed out person.
I try to tackle life with ease.
I try to stay calm and collected and in control.
Life can be crazy and I don't like just surviving. I actually like to enjoy my life.
So remember when I wanted to slow down?
Well I succeeded in several areas of my life.
But my brain and my heart didn't get the message.
Okay, let me start at the beginning.
On Sunday when I went into the hospital for a false water breakage, I had a really high heart rate.
So they monitored it for the remainder of our stay.
It stayed between 120 and 130.
The nurse asked me if I was warm enough and I responded with, "yes, I am roasting."
She and D agreed that it was rather chilly in the room.
Every time my heart rate would hit 130 it would set off an alarm.
And stress me out even more leading to an even higher heart rate.
I would think about my kids (who were in great hands) and my heart rate would spike and the alarm would set off.
I would think about labor and again...the alarm would go off.
I was amazed that it was reading my thoughts!
My brain and my heart are obviously communicating.
She asked if I suffered from anxiety.
Apparently I do when I am due to have baby number three.
You see, allllll day long for the last week I think about labor.
How will I know when to go in?
When should I call D to come home from work?
By the time I call D and he gets here and we get the kids situated and then get to the hospital will I have to deliver in the car?
What if I go in too early and they want to put my on the pit?
I just heard the pit may be linked to Autism.
What if I have an awful epidural insert experience like I had last time?
That was worse than giving birth epidural free.
What if, what if, what if?
Is this stressing you out?!
I told all my worries to my mother today and she said, "Tiffany, relax!"
I know, I know.
In all my experience I have never been so nervous to go into labor.
I don't mind labor.
It is the GOING INTO labor thing I am concerned about.
The pre-hospital, pre-pushing, pre-water breaking stage.
So to ease my concern the Doctor said this....
"As soon as you start into contractions monitor them for an hour. If they are consistent and gradually get worse over the course of that hour, then come in."
He also told me It is common to go from 5 cm to 10 cm in an hour on your third.
Well I did that on my first and second.
And before I ever started having contractions with Doc I was 4 cm at 38 weeks.
Does that picture concern anyone else??
So here I am getting it all out for the last time.
I am going to try and not think about it or talk about it again.
It is messing with my heart.
I'm going to try to have some faith.
I'll offer a lot of prayers and hope that angels will attend me.
This is the end of anxiety as I know it. I hope.
I'm vowing to take a chill pill.