Monday, January 30, 2012

The day I almost had a baby.

Yesterday we gave talks in church.
The day before I thought for sure it wouldn't be long before I had this baby.
However, Sunday things were back to normal and not a lot of action.
Until 5:00 P.M.
I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor after dinner.
The next thing I know I'm soaked and saying "Uh-uh-uh-uh...its just coming!"
Umm would that be my water?!
So we freaked out a little bit then got things together to go get checked.
The leaking stopped. But lots of cramping and contractions followed.
We called up my brother and sister-in-law who were visiting her parents just up the road.
They came and picked up the kids.
We headed to the hospital with nothing.
No diapers.
No pacifiers. (This little one is not allowed to use the classic hospital ones, because that is what Dock uses...and when I get rid of his I don't want any around for temptation. I am smart like that.)
No blanket.
No outfit.
No clothes have been washed for her.
Nothing to sleep in.
My mom is in Vegas.
We were a little unprepared.
Well that was okay in the end.
After three hours at the hospital it was confirmed it was not amniotic fluid.
I did NOT pee my pants.
I know where that liquid came from.
And I know what it feels like to pee your pants. :)
There was still liquid coming from my cervix when she checked.
"Must be from outside the sack."
So after they checked things out and made sure the baby was okay we said good bye and went to pick up the kids.
The Doctor said it will probably happen again before labor.
"So...when do I go in?"
"If you are gushing."
"Okay...I did."
"Yes, it is really common."
"Okay, so I may gush, but it may not be amniotic fluid, but if I do gush I need to go to the hospital and get it checked out."
"If it has an earthy smell to it is most likely a ruptured sac."
"Okay...I am still confused about when to go in."
Even on the third time around this pregnancy stuff is tricky.
And according to him, the third time around it is more tricky.
I guess this baby girl is going to hang out a little longer.
I am okay with that.
Today I bought pacifiers.
Washed her clothes and packed our bags.
Wake-up calls are good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two and a half.

It won't be long before our family will expand to five.
I still cannot believe where we are at in our lives.
Just over three years ago my heart ached for a baby.
We had a void in our hearts.
I didn't know if it would ever happen.
Then this little girl came along.
She brought so much peace and happiness to our aching hearts.
She made me a mother.
Veva is the lucky one who has the privilege of training me as a mom.
I'm certainly far from perfect, but she makes the job a little easier.
Yesterday she hit her two and a half mark.
Seems like just yesterday and forever, all at the same time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

HUGE snowflakes = HUGE fun.

Yesterday we enjoyed the most gigantic snowflakes I have ever seen in my life.
I could not stop ohhing and ahhing over them.
HUGE, I tell you. Absolutely HUGE.
After a major snowfall D put on quite the performance.
We are pretty crazy about the man of our house.
After he shoveled the driveway the kids and I sat inside and watched from the window.
He ran and slid on his stomach across the lawn in the snow and did somersaults and some twisty things and landed hard on the ground and made the kids laugh hysterically.
Then he threw snowballs at the windows.
They loved that, too.
He was like a little boy out there, throughly enjoying himself.
Today we ventured out to find the hospital I will be delivering at.
A good location to know.
Then we headed to Temple Square.
It was just beautiful.
We loved talking to all the sister missionaries about where they were from.
We never did spot the one from Scotland.
The Christus statue was stunning.
The kids loved running around.
We discovered all the drinking fountains outside say Murdock. That is fun.
I thought about our wedding day.
It was magical.
I swear I don't look like a beached whale in real life. Maybe I do? I won't be wearing that shirt again.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heard last night.

I asked Veva to help clean up toys and she responded,

"Mom, you're kind of bossing me around."

Friday, January 13, 2012

A mod podge of stuff.

Thanks for everyone's advice and input on my last post! I got a lot out of everything you had to say. Thanks for participating!!
We've had the sweetest house warming gifts.
Peanut butter bars in the shape of Utah (thanks Kimmy!)
Sparkling cider (thanks Abe!)
Meals (thanks Kara & Clay and Carolann & Gary)
Brownies (thanks neighbors down the street!)
M&M's (thanks other neighbors down the street!)
Offers to be with my kiddos when I go into labor (thanks Anne!)

People have been kind and welcoming. I am still a little surprised at how many people live here that we know! High school friends, old college friends, growing up friends. This place is a magnet.

We are having a lot of fun. We get together with Kara and Clay every other day. Okay, maybe not that often. But often! We love them. Kara and I go way back to the pre-earth life. I know it. Our dad's have been the best of friends since they were tiny and still are. Our families have been great friends our whole lives. Luckily they only live 10 min. away.

Since arriving someone has been sick constantly! We have breaks here and there but then something else flares up! All sorts of new bugs we've never been exposed to!
Being sick isn't all that bad at our house. I really don't like sickies so I try to make it fun so that I don't dread it so much. Sickness happens, so we pull out all the stops. Movies, cozy snuggles, extra care, a new toy, sickies get special treatment. Hopefully they don't start sluffing school because sick days are so awesome!

On Sunday I'll be 35 weeks pregnant. Here is the proof....although this was taken at 34 weeks. I haven't changed much.

When we first arrived there was no sign of winter. So we played outside lots!
We were over dressed and roasting! It was almost 50 degrees this particular day.
Kate, Kara, & "the girls"
Then the next day we woke up to this...
YAY!!!!! Now we can use the new snow clothes we bought before arriving to Utah!
V & D built a snowman. But Dock was sick so we stayed inside. For a couple days as we would head out to the car Veva would stop by the snowman and take a bite out of his carrot nose, then put it back :)
They thought they were really funny when they threw 10+ snowballs at us (yes we were in the house) while I was trying to take a picture!
We have a nasty black ice patch that forms every night from a drip off the roof. Imagine me slipping two different times down to the ground! Yes, a lovely sight I am sure. Now every time we go to the car or I get out of the car Vev reminds me, "Mommy, don't slip on the ice!" I need to get reacquainted with this thing called winter.
And last but certainly not least...
D's birthday is tomorrow. The kids and I have big plans!

P.s. blog makeover? Yes, in the works. We got a new (beautiful) computer for Christmas and I'm having a little bit of difficulty with the data transfer. So it is currently postponed for the moment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am slowing down.

I haven't been feeling myself this last week. I am edgy, a little grouchy, tired, and unmotivated. This is supposed to be the time of year to feel everything opposite. Where is that adrenaline rush I am supposed to have at the end of pregnancy? It is is inside, but I am having a hard time physically translating it.

But I am giving myself a break. I am accepting the fact that I have a two year old a one year old and I am five and half weeks shy of my due date for this little one to arrive and I just moved and am still going through boxes.

I am slowing down. Part of me wants to have a schedule, search out all the fun things to do, start a play group, make valentine crafts every day, take valentine gifts to all the neighbors and introduce ourselves, help the kids make adorable Valentines and send them to all our friends back in Washington, go on a bike ride in this beautiful weather, take a trip to the children's museum, go on a tour of temple square, etc, etc, etc... but my body wont let me. This baby girl has dropped into place and I have mastered the waddle. I can only get through the essentials these days. Sleep, wake up, eat, feed little mouths, play, clean, and occasionally grocery shop.

So my resolution this year is to understand that it is okay and necessary to slow down sometimes. To take a break and step back from my expectations. To adjust well to the new life ahead. To not overwhelm myself and to enjoy the simplicity of home life.

In church we were talking about stretching ourselves and going out of our comfort zone, but I feel like the best thing I can do for myself right now is to do my best to be stable and secure and let life happen. I feel like life is stretching me enough right now, that I don't necessarily need to look for outside things to stretch myself. That will come in a few months. After I have a baby and adjust to three kids and after D is finished with tax season. There are times and seasons in life and right now mine is requiring me to slow down.

Slow down so I can concentrate on my internal stability. Right before we left Washington a man in our church gave a talk that spoke right to me. He talked about peace. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. He talked about the truth that we can have internal peace amid chaos. I completely believe that. Life happens, bad things happen, hurtful things happen, change happens. But we can have internal peace and stability through it. We cannot always control our situations, but we can control ourselves.

I find that my internal stability has everything to do with my happiness and enjoyment of life.

So that is my goal, to work on my internal stability so that I can handle the changes that have happened and that are coming soon.

What do you do? What keeps you sane and stable through difficulties and change? What makes you a happy/content wife/mom/sister/daughter/person/friend? What is necessary to your day to keep you going?

Please leave a comment, I'd love some ideas.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The proof.

Did you really think I could leave you with an update of the last week or so with words only?!

No way.

Here is the proof of our adventures.

Christmas was magical. We loved it. More than I knew I could.
D and I stayed up late getting everything set up just right. D surprised me with Michael Buble's Christmas CD for the occasion. We laughed like little kids and felt all giddy inside. I even caught D playing in the tent. It was fun playing Santa Claus.
We had our own celebration a day early to help with packing and loading the truck.
On December 24th we had dinner at the Bartel's with lots of fun friends.
On December 25th we had dinner with the Hicks family, it was delightful. About an hour before the dinner I pulled my pie out to be ready for us to take and it had mold on it!! I was mortified. I was taking the pie for dessert and now it was ruined! What would Christmas dinner be without pie?! Everything at my house was packed. It was Sunday and Christmas, the store wasn't an option. Well...I called up my Visiting Teacher. She said not to worry and to come by her house on our way to the dinner. She had whipped up an amazing strawberry and rhubarb crisp. It was perfect. And probably even better than the original store bought pie I'd planned on taking. Isn't that amazing?! I love Sharon. And I still cannot believe she did that for me on Christmas Day with everything she was already doing.

Needless to say we were well taken care of for Christmas.
Here we are just before Church. The kids all dressed up in their Christmas best.
Be jealous. We are a picture perfect family. Here is the proof....
Bright and early Monday morning the packers came.
My amazing Mom didn't hesitate to fly in to pick us up.
I called D when we arrived in Boise and because our flight was so delayed, it turned out he was almost to the exit! So he came to the airport and helped us load.
While at my parents, Aub and Trev came over to play some games. We made a party out of it and did half of our new years eve traditional fondue dinner. We left out the main part. The meat. We were sad in the end that we did. Next time we won't worry about how much work it is...we'll just do it anyway!
We laughed a lot playing games.
After a day in Salt Lake we ventured out.
D and I were married in that beautiful temple. It really is breathtaking.
The light display on Temple Square was amazing. I couldn't stop ohhing and ahhing.
There you have it. A little visual recap.

Monday, January 2, 2012

And we're here!

The move was hardly uneventful.
Monday we packed the big ABF trailer and our car was picked up to be shipped.
Tuesday my Mom flew to Seattle.
D dropped the kids and I off to stay the night there with her. He took off for the long road trip ahead in the van.
Wednesday the five of us (including the babe in the belly....she was my lap child...) flew from Seattle to Boise.
It was crazy. I already vowed once never to fly again. Here I was a month later.
I wasn't very nice when I was up in line and trying to get a hand free to give the security lady my ID when the lady behind us butted around me, my pregnant belly, my two kids, my mom, ad our bags, and gave the lady hers. I said out loud, "Wow, people are so nice."
That might be the rudest I've ever been in public.
Thursday we hung out at my parents house in Idaho. We had a fondue party with lots of games and laughs and at the last minute decided to do on of our family Christmas traditions...The Swedish Mush game. D WON. Which means I won, too.
Friday we headed for Salt Lake.
Got a call from D. He didn't think the house was going to work.
I freaked out.
The house wasn't really what we thought it would be.
Our trailer of stuff was to be delivered any minute.
We decided to tough it out for a six month lease.
My Mom stayed for the weekend.
Jason and Bria came to help
An army of men showed up at our doorstep to help unload. (one of them brought a house warming gift.)
As they unloaded the truck all the damage became comical.
We lost two or our four bookshelves, our kitchen table, ripped couches, crushed toy organizer, and my lovely king mattress was wet....
But I knew everything would be just fine when I pulled into a parking lot just a mile or so from our house and was surrounded by Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Cafe Rio, Starbucks, Costco, Michaels, Texas Roadhouse, and Chuck-a-Rama.
Like manna from heaven.
My aunt and uncle brought dinner.
D and I escaped for a date on Friday.
We ate out with the fam at Chuck-a-rama on New Years Eve. YUM.
And enjoyed the lights on Temple Square.
D and I went out to see The Adventures of Tin-Tin. A favorite of his growing up.
He quizzed me on their accents. I got the Scottish one right. How could I not?
Sunday night we went for dinner at Kara and Clay's. They are like family. We felt right at home.
I need to find a today.
D starts work tomorrow.
We're walking around with our eyes squint because we haven't adjusted to the sun, especially Veva....poor girl. She just has to wear sunglasses everywhere.
We miss our dear friends.
And we are so happy to be here.
It already feels like home.
Phew...What a week.