Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween preview!

I've been working on making the kids costumes for the last couple of weeks and decided I needed to try them on so I could work out all the kinks.
Here is a little preview.
A couple things will be different for Halloween.
I am really glad I decided to try them on them before Halloween because I found a few problems.

Introducing Mickey & Minnie's clubhouse!
Those ears don't stand a chance on Dock.
WEBIMG_9149 copy
WEBIMG_9168 copy
Don't they make a cute little Mickey and Minnie?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a day.

We enjoyed a nice Sunday today.

A little good, a little sad, a little bad.
*Church was great. Primary program is always exciting. Veva has been begging to go to Nursery since Monday, so we were glad when Sunday finally rolled around. She has learned to frequently say, "I will go to Nursery, Neeeeext week."
*We enjoyed a nice Sunday stroll. Walks are a big part of our life, and have been since D and I first started dating. My family always went on walks, we've kept the tradition alive. Most days you can find us out at some point taking a stroll. Even in the rain.
*D made us popcorn. Our Sunday night ritual. Growing up we had home squeezed grape juice from our grapevine and popcorn on Sunday nights. Keeping the tradition alive.
WEBIMG_9066 copy
*I made pumpkin cookies and ran the cupboard dry of pumpkin puree. 90 oz. so far this season. D is REALLY happy to see that it is gone. He must not realize the grocery store has more. :) (He thinks I sneak pumpkin into everything. Maybe I do...okay not really, but I put it in pancakes, make bread, cookies, etc...tis the season! I don't feel so guilty baking when I only use whole wheat flour, substitute beans for the oil and leave out the sugar.)

*I used the last of the ground cinnamon. :(
*D "you tubed" videos on how to align my hips and pelvis. REMEMBER, I have serious pelvic issues in pregnancy. D said, "Oh dear, Elvis the pelvis is back." That boy really thinks he is a chiropractor. Or I should say he wishes he was. He tried out the idea on You Tube and I'm feeling some relief.

*the USB drive on my external hard drive broke. Bummer. Never a good thing for a photographer.
*I am 20-something weeks along today. Sounds pathetic, but I really don't know. I need to go check my "baby center" account. Although I don't know how far along I am, I am really excited for this little girl to make her debut! I already sense her sweet spirit in our lives. Veva talks about her all day long. I can't wait until I can hold this sweet baby, I'm so baby hungry. Just baby hungry for her. I wonder what she will be like, what she will look like? How our lives will change? I have a little more time to wonder, but February is coming so soon!

*I counted my blessings. Tonight D and I were hanging out on the couch having an intelligent conversation about a thought provoking book (which is one of the reasons I love our marriage. We have really great intelligent conversations. We often times have differing opinions. Okay, most of the time we don't agree on things of little consequence to us which keeps the conversation interesting and stretches my mind.) and I couldn't help but smile at the fact that he loved me enough to marry me. That makes me happy. Out of all the fish in sea, he married me. And I am so glad.

Do you love The Killers? I do. Check this out.

Friday, October 21, 2011

D's day off.

D has worked more this year than ever before. He needs a day off every so often. On Monday tax season ended. You thought it ended April 15th, didn't you? Nope, it sure didn't. But now it is over and D has a little break before things get crazy again the first of the year!

About an hour into D's day off he was exhausted. He joked that he might need to go into work. Ha, ya right. We were not going to let him out of our sight. We did some organizing in the garage, babysat a friend's little one, took a few things to the dump, made caramel apples for my visiting teachers coming later in the day, plus all our normal routinely things. After the kids naps we decided to venture out for some fun.

We went to the Marine Life Center, and just so happened to be there during dinner time. Instead of just touching the anemone and sea stars and holding the little crabs, we watched them all eat! Who knew anemone like shrimp?! We loved seeing how the star fish ate. Also, sea urchin eat meat! Crazy. We watched the crap gobble up shrimp but when it came to feeding the shrimp, he refused to eat his own kind. The kids loved it and didn't want to leave. I didn't either but it was time for us to have dinner, too.

So we ran on the boardwalk for a bit then headed out.
After begging Veva over and over again to look at the camera and smile she stopped running for a quick second and said, "Okay, cheese, all done" and ran off. She is not the easiest to capture a picture of.

Next stop: Fish and chips.
M-M-Good. Possibly the best fish and chips we have had here.

We came home and had a fun night playing and singing songs and wrestling on the floor.

We love D's days off.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear D,

Just in case you forgot what we look like...
WEBPhoto 63
No one is more excited about October 17th than we are!!


A long time ago I promised some amazing gigantic posts about our amazing trip to Idaho.  Well, for some reason I can't muster up the strength to spend 10 min. polishing up the gigantic posts that are so close to being complete! I'll blame it on the pregnancy.

So...rather than bore you with all my details (although they are far from boring, our trip was seriously amazing.  It exceeded all my expectations) I will give you a taste of Idaho in pictures...

Out my parent's backyard...don't you wish you lived there?
webIMG_5147 2
Kayaking with my dad while he shared pearls of wisdom.  I love my dad.
webIMG_5160 2
Keeping cool outside.
webIMG_5139 2
My sweet mom.
webIMG_5076 2
My sissy and best friend (I'm so happy Veva will have a sister. Sister's are the best.)
webIMG_5058 2
My sissy and her boys.
webIMG_5070 2
Lavender fields on our way to St. George.
New nephew.
My sweet grandpa.
My other sweet Grandpa.
My dad.
Best buds. These three are like three peas in a pod
The other half...
Good friends.
Lawn mower races.  My brother won!
Good friends.
Late night fires.
That barely scratches the surface.  It was such a great trip.  Cannot wait to go back for Thanksgiving!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gooooooo GRANDPA!!!

Weeks like these I miss living close to family.

Last weekend was the annual Redder, Taylor, Lee reunion.  My Dad and his two best friends (from grade school on up) and their families get together every year for a BYU game and lots of fun associated with it.  This was our first year missing.  We chatted with everyone all weekend long.  In a way it felt like we were there, but I missed being there so much.

Then this week my Dad competed in the Huntsman World Senior Games.  My Dad is pretty awesome.  Nevermind the fact that he has completed nine Ironman triathalons (Whoever decided that fun meant a 2.4 mi swim, followed by a 112 mi. bike ride and what the heck thrown on a marathon at the end IS INSANE!?!) and so many triathlons I am pretty sure he has even lost count.Well now he is swimming against former Olympians who are now too "old" for the Olympics.  He keeps us updated and tells us about all the famous swimmers he swims against and next to and beats. People come from all over the world for this event.

He has already managed to take a Bronze and a Silver medal (only missing the Gold by like a 10th of a second!)  WAHOOO!! My Dad rocks.

So...since we can't be there to celebrate with the rest of the family, we are having our own celebrations.  And cheering him on from far away!!