Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walk MS

I'm grateful for good health, even though I currently don't have it. After a crazy week-long battle we are seeing the light. Needless to say, we have been out of commission. Thank goodness D stayed well and could hold the fort together.

pictures to come, all of which include sleeping.

"One day in 1971 my mother woke up in the morning and couldn't walk. They took her to the hospital and ran tests. Three weeks later she came home with the knowledge that she had Multiple Sclerosis. It was a trying time for the family. I was the oldest girl, therefore, I felt as though I had to take over..."

This is a small paragraph from my mother's history. She says that was one of the scariest days of her life.

I think most of us know of someone who is affected by MS.

I wish I lived closer and could participate in the Walk MS 2011 in SLC this weekend.

My dear friends lost their father to MS and have created a team. The event is in SLC this weekend.

You can learn more about Craig's Crew here, where you can also sign up or donate!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A very special weekend.

This is a very special weekend for us. Although our thoughts are often turned to our Savior Jesus Christ, this weekend we specifically celebrate his Resurrection. He lives and overcame death, pain, sin and sorrow unselfishly on our behalf. Jesus Christ means everything to our family. He influences what we do daily. He allows me to progress and provides comfort to my soul. His Atonement and Resurrection truly do mean everything to me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fever Fervor

** Post edit - It is 2:30 A.M. D and Vev are at the ER. Veva is dehydrated and is currently having blood drawn and an IV. I called my mom in tears and she did what any loving mom would do. She got on Skype at 3 A.M. her time to chat.**

It has been over 24 hours since both of my babies have been running high fevers.
We are not used to fevers. We have done our share of nebulizer steroid treatments, plenty of weight checks, lots of constipation, and more than enough vomiting (funny, all those categories are filled by Veva), but fevers are not on our list. Until last night.

No warning signs, and BAM they hit. Same time, same temperature. In fact they stayed very similar as they fluctuated.

Needless to say we didn't sleep much last night. At various points throughout the night D was on the recliner sleeping with Veva in his arms, all four of us were in our bed, both of us were up on our feet rocking a child, and at a rare moment, both kids were in their bed, and we were in ours.

Late in the night D gave each of them a special blessing, I held on to the words of that blessing all night and all day.

This morning as D left for work, I geared myself for a long day. By noon I begged him to come home. I needed some support.

I called about everyone I knew to get their opinion on fevers. What would you do? When would you go in? What could the signs possibly mean? I talked to a couple of girls in my ward, my mom, my sister, the nurse at the doctor's office, my other nurse friend. I had all my bases covered.

Yet I was still uncertain what to do.

I wanted my Mom to come and hold my babies and see them and tell me what was wrong and what I needed to do. 'She always knows best,' I thought to myself, 'she is my mom.' So many times I want to rely on my Mom's intuition. So many times I want her to receive revelation for me. She is always the one I looked up to and trusted and marveled at for her ability to trust her instinct and rely on God. Sometimes she knew better than the doctor. And she trusted that, and she was right. I feel like I still doubt my motherly intuition. When I ask her what I should do, she always responds with, "you'll know." I want to be that strong person. I want to be one my children can rely on. I want to be confident in my gut feeling.

I have sometimes thought maybe my motherly intuition wasn't born in me when my children were born, like it is for others. Or so it seemed. I often second guess myself.

So today I prayed, and asked God why I missed out on that? Where is the confidence I need to make decisions as a Mom? Where is my confidence to know how to help my child? Why do I always doubt that what I felt may be false? How can I know the difference between emotion and the spirit?

And he answered.

It is in him. That confidence is found in God. All I have to do is ask and trust. He wants me to succeed. What is important to me is important to him. And my children are his children.

I don't need to learn to trust myself. I need to trust God.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We lead a very glamourous life, here at the Jack household.

For instance, today I...

am lounging in my PJs, mascara smeared under my eyes, hoping no one randomly stops by because of the state of myself and my house. Veva has snot running down her face and is playing outside on the porch in her diaper. Dock is screaming because Veva barged into to his room proclaiming "Dock!" waking him from his comfortable slumber. I whined at Veva for whining at me. Only to then realize I was a great example of the very thing I didn't want her to do. In a false hope I looked at the clock, wishing it had magically turned noon, nap time.

Needless to say, the day is off to a really great start.

But this is what I love. This is my life. Just not always this chaotic.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear mystery card shopper,

Thanks for making my day.

I found this card that says, "Just wanted to brighten up your day" with an envelope in a target bag in my apartment.

D wishes he could take claim.

Is it yours?

If I don't find the owner, I will pass it along to make someone happy. I am sure that is what the owner would want.

P.s. stay tuned for van news and Vancouver, B.C. news. I am loving both.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The first day of the rest of our lives.

So, you are probably curious how the first day of the rest of our lives went, right?


Well, here it goes anyway.

We woke up, together.
D got Veva out of bed, highlight of her day!
I cooked breakfast (never happens) and we ate together, as a family.
The garbage man came and left with Veva's binky (more on that coming.)
Tax return arrived in our bank account. Hallelujah.
I ordered my new camera!
Veva walked around the house wimpering, "Bye, bink. Bye, bink."
Dock sucked on his.
Veva begged for a nap (as usual), then cried herself to sleep while saying "bye, bink."
Ran a few errands.
Bought a van.
I cooked dinner (again, never happens. Through tax season D had dinner at work - I don't like cooking for myself. Hummus and chips is fine for me, don't worry Veva still gets her vegetables) and we ate as a family.
Bed time + no "bink" + Veva = devestation.
Daddy rocks Vevie to sleep
Dock goes to bed.
D says he wants to take the van for a test drive and comes home with a blizzard for both of us.
D and I watched Brian Regan on YouTube and laughed really hard.
Finally, We went to bed, together.

Tomorrow is Saturday, a day off work for D. We are going to Vancouver, BC.

I could get used to this life. And I will, minus the major purchases and the cooked breakfast.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Baby

Just out of the bath and snuggling on my chest.
Although he just turned seven months old, Dock is still a baby. How do they change so much so fast? In one year they go from being babies to little people.
Veva is a little person. We have conversations all day long. She speaks in paragraphs. Dock is my baby.

He still smells like a baby; He still snuggles like a baby.
I am soaking up his baby-ness because he is a day away from crawling.
I am a day away from losing my baby.
My dependent little boy will start making his own way around from toy to toy.

I love reaching new milestones. I will never forget the day we brought Veva home. We were so excited to share our home. I remember so clearly the moment Veva first smiled and the time I discovered her first tooth. I remember when she started crawling and she would follow me around our house. I remember when we found out I was pregnant. How could I do it? Now I wonder how we could ever live without him? Murdock's milestones have been equally gratifying. However, each milestone comes with a tinge of apprehension on my part. Mostly because I can hardly believe Dock will be where Veva is in one year.

Until then, I will snuggle all the baby-ness I can get.


The other day I did a photo shoot for a set of twins, one boy and one girl. It was charming to see the sweet bond they have and to hear that they are best friends.

Between heaven and earth, my babies were only separated for four months. That makes them ALMOST twins. I hope they have a similar bond as they grow up.

Go here to see the photo shoot

Monday, April 11, 2011

Can't get enough of these two lately.

Here is something random for you:

My blog roll:

C. Jane
Purl Bee
Made by Joel

ENJOY!! These are my favorites.

What blogs do you enjoy??
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I want to be a good mom.

I miss my family most days, however, most of those days I do fine. Yesterday was a hard day. I am sure things will improve when the man of our house is back (from tax season, that is.) Life will resume at a normal pace.

Longing for a drop-in-visit from my mom got me thinking about my relationship with her.

Previous to being married, my parents were everything to me.
So much of who I am is because of them.
They play an important role in our lives, still.
But that role has changed.

It changed when I left home. I gained more independence and set off to college to venture on my own.

When I married D, he became my number one. My relationship again changed with my parents. I cleave to him as my spouse. I gave him my trust and confidence. Our relationship is kept safe. We don't involve our parents. He and I work through our problems together. My parents are no longer my emotional confidant.

After being married for three years we moved back to my hometown, close to my parents.

I miss living close to my mom and dad. They used to make random visits to our house. My mom fed us well each Sunday. She assisted me with my sewing projects. Outside of my husband and kids she was my best friend. She is a good mom to have living close by. She kept her distance and respected our marriage and our lives, but was a great supporter and friend.

My role as a mother is ever evolving. It is currently more physically demanding. Eventually it will be more emotional demanding. It is constant in some ways, yet over time we play a different role in our children's lives.

One day they become adults.

I have a limited amount of time to influence and teach the ones in my care. I want to take full advantage of my role as their mother. Especially when my influence is so great.

My role in their lives is bound to change. These years are crucial.

I am blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. I want to take advantage of that special opportunity.

Rather than taking them for a ride in my life, I will join theirs.

I learned this lesson recently. A few months ago I left Idaho and with it I left so many things I loved, but that were not necessary to our well-being. My family is blessed because of it.

It is only a matter of time before my children will leave my stead. I will be their mother always, but my influence will be far less.

I want to better myself so they can learn what is good from my example.
I will take care of myself, so I am stable and can care for them.
I will put my husband first, so they know what a stable family life is like
I won't over schedule our lives, so that we can build relationships and learn from each other
I will get down on the ground with them and play.
I will teach them before the world tries to.
I will spend days at home, just us.
I will filter what comes into my home, and create a safe haven for our family.
I will make meal time sacred family time.
I will cultivate a spirit of love and learning in our home.
I will teach them about our Heavenly Father and the role he plays in our lives.
I will teach them dependence and independence and how each has its place.
I will snuggle them and kiss them. I will teach them that love is an action word.
I will create boundaries.
I will teach them wrong from right.
I will teach them the value of hard work.
I will control my emotions and have love and understanding.
I will show them the meaning of true happiness and where to find it.

I hope one day to look back and know that I did my best teaching them how to make good decisions, how to love and how to live well in the world.

Until then, I will try to take advantage of today. The big picture seems daunting, the world is cruel, but I can handle today. I will live through many todays and hopefully make my way to a stable future. One day at a time.

But I must keep the big picture in mind, it influences what I do now.

And right now, I want to be the best mom I can be.

How sweet is little baby Dock?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tune in for General Conference this weekend!

Baby Heads

While plotting what to make for party favors for a baby shower, I enlisted the resident experts.

We came up with this.

Thanks to Keala's new cupcake decorating book as initial inspiration.

However, we did our own thing. I am no good at following directions.
I think they turned out cute!

Thanks Keala & Sarah!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Writing Styles

I have a historically wired brain. I am always thinking about where words derive from, the historical context of nursery rhymes, how cities evolved, or the course a gadget or business has taken to be what it is today. Lately I think about words and phrases we use everday and their roots. I love that EVERYTHING has a historical context. If you knew the history behind "ring-around-the-rosies" you would never sing it again with a smile on your face!! Maybe it is better that you don't know. My mind goes and goes and goes all day long.

Usually something triggers my train of thoughts. This particular one was triggered by my sweet little brother.

My little brother is serving a mission in Argentina and wrote an email that was passed on to the other siblings. My dad headed the forward with something to the effect of "I suppose this is texting format." He was right, it was. There was only one period in the entire paragraph. I almost passed out reading it because there was no pause in the writing to breath! Unfortunately, he is a victim to being raised in the texting generation. Fortunately he is a good kid and serving the Lord on a mission and will continue his college education when he returns to hopefully improve those writing skills!

That email triggered a series of thoughts. I started thinking about the evolution of correspondence in written form and different writing styles. We have advanced from telegraphs delivered by the Pony Express to ground mail and air mail to instant emails and to twitters.

Many different writing styles have emerged as of late. It is almost comical.

I have written two books (well I consider them books -- 25 page paper. That is enough to consider it a book for me! I digress, they really aren't books.) and 20-30 10-15 page papers. My "books" are entitled, "An Intellectual Pilgrimage: The Civil Rights Movement and the Underlying Impact of Education." and my favorite of the two, "Preparations of Nonviolence: Training, Organization, and Discipline." Didn't know that about me did you!

Moving on, I was trained in a style of historical research and writing. A degree in history is not about facts and dates it is all about writing about facts and dates. Understanding people and cultures and governments and choices they make and why they make them and what brought about different events in history and how we can learn from them.

So, my trained style of writing is normal paragraphs with limited commas (people WAY over use commas). Paragraphs begin with a topic sentence and stick to that topic sentence. New topics merit a new paragraph. This writing includes varying lengths of sentences to create a nice rhythm. Sentences never begin with "So" (see first sentence in this paragraph.) And the entire paper is organized around a thesis statement with everything tying back to that point.

Then I graduated college and sometime later was asked to edit a newspaper. The newspaper style of writing is far from how I was raised. And although I grew up around newspapers and we still get the newspaper because D loves to hold news in his hands rather than resort to the internet (old timers not interested in saving the planet by ending our newspaper subscription) it drove me nuts!!

One line paragraphs and WAAAAAYYY too many commas switching up subjects and predicates to make things sound more interesting (my professors drilled that habit out of me). Flowery words galore. In high school I loved adding lots of adjectives to my papers in an attempt to stretch a small amount material into the required number of pages. Big no-no. But newspaper writers love this.

Then there are bloggers, like myself. Blogging is a form all on its own. I write on the blog the way I think, Which can be scattered. I interject parenthesis for thoughts on my thoughts (that sounds cool (see here I go again)). I formulate and edit my research papers into sense, blogging on the other hand is like brain vomit. Lots of single line statements. Blogging some how gives the liberty to write words with periods after them claiming to be sentences. Improper sentence structure, etc (please tell me you saw what I just did there.) I notice different trends through blogging style writing. The trends usually follow the latest phrases in our vocabulary, lately I have noticed, "Run don't walk," "I'm just sayin'," etc.

THEN there is text. Which is the saddest form of writing there is. It really is not a form of writing, but has become so. Thx LOL TTYL 2day 2u 4u2b b/c. Which is all great for texting on a little phone, but unfortunately is translating into our everyday speech and writing skills.

I am sure Twitter and Facebook could be added to this list in some fashion, but I don't know those two well enough to make a judgement.

Just a light hearted observation.

Asian Party

I have really great friends here. I love them.

Steph threw the most amazing party. I would say it is the best food I have ever had! I really mean that. She covered every detail from decorations, music, food, and fun!

I am salivating just thinking about it. Oh that yummy peanut sauce.

Here is some proof.