Monday, February 28, 2011

Inland or on the coast?

Apparently where we live is considered "inland." Because we have to drive ten minutes to the beach.

That is on the coast to me.

Idaho is inland.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday School.

I taught my Sunday school class for the first time today.

After the lesson one of the girls came up to me and said, "Have you met my Mom?" I said, "Yes, I have." "You guys would get along great, because you both have really big vocabularies."

That made me smile.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pet Peeve

After reading my post yesterday D corrected me. He said after being married he has discovered a pet peeve. It really bothers me when he leaves his towel on the floor. I gets me every time. I am not even saintly enough to pick it up for him and move on, I have to gripe about it every time.

Then I was reading something this morning and I realized I have one other pet peeve.


I'll leave it at that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I write.

*Friday Tori and I had been out to Semiahmoo. Saturday the sun was shining and I knew it was just the thing we needed. I knew D would love it. Awesome fish and chips on the bay watching the sunset over the ocean. So we did, and it was so great.*

I am a historian. My senior thesis of my under graduate degree changed me. It was centered around Ghandi and other similar characters in history, although focused on nonviolence (very different from anti-war). Nonviolence is self control, internal peace, internal security, and internal self reliance. It comes down to having control of your REactions. It is self-mastery. I believe it is a God-like attribute.
I had a few great professors in college who influenced me greatly. One of them was David Christensen. He taught me the importance of a driving force behind our actions. Really he only said one sentence on the matter, but it triggered years of thought and evaluation of my life, and even tied back into my senior thesis. He said something to the effect of, “If you focus on the WHY you get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to exercise rather than the pain of waking up so early, it will make it easier.”

Are you making any connections? Okay – let me help out a little.

Motivation. What drives you to do things? I am a pleaser by nature, but over the years have been working my way toward focusing my efforts to please God rather than humans. Letting goodness motivate me rather than praise or gratification from others. I think pleasers have more insecurities and less solidarity within. There is a fine line between tact and accommodation. I tend to lean more toward the accommodating side of things, even at my own expense.
Stay with me, this is a really thick topic, but I think it is also very profound.
So what motivates you? Do you do things because you feel like you are “supposed” to? Because you feel like you need to fit a mold? Because someone expects you to? Do I do things for gratification? Why do I do things? What drives me? Do I have pure motives?

As part of my journey to love myself more and have internal peace, I evaluated different areas of my life. Looking to understnad my own motives and what drives me to do certain things.

I write. Because my mind goes and goes all daylong and my thoughts and feelings flow more eloquently from my fingertips than out of my mouth. I don’t speak well, I tend to have several, “umms”, “likes”, and “you-knows”. I also write so I can sleep. It helps my brain shut off. I write so that maybe my thoughts and feelings could help someone else. Others who write inspire me.

I speak. I choose to speak because it is more personal than text. It takes more effort to call someone rather than send them a written message over the phone. So I am careful about when I choose to speak. I should try to speak more than I do. It isn't always the easiest mode, but i am glad when I choose to speak.

I create. I create because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and I enjoy it. Sewing is therapeutic for me.

I stay home. I stay home because I choose to and because I can. We are blessed enough for me to stay home. But I also WANT to be home with my kids and to care for our home, it is our safe haven. I want it to be a safe place and a refuge for my family.

I photograph. I invest time into learning how to capture beautiful images because I love beautiful things. God speaks to me through beautiful scenery. I like to bring those moments home with me. My photography is sacred to me. It speaks to me. Up to this point, I have a difficult time making it a job.

I struggle. I have struggled with body image for a lot of years. Emotional problems not taken care of translated into physical problems, I think that happens more than we think. I read this, and it changed me. I am changing my motive. For far too long I struggle to be thin to gain acceptance and love from others. Now I am trying to do it for the right reasons. Health, care, love, and control. I am changing the "Why?" the motivation behind what I do.

I love. I love life. I love that the Atonement allows for progression in this life. That we can at ANY point try to be better. I love that we are not so awful that there is no hope. I love people. I love others for what they offer. I don’t have pet peeves. Really for my bridal shower they asked D a question, then I had to answer it before he did (on the video). They asked my biggest pet peeve. Neither of us could think of one. Most things don’t bother me about people. Mostly I feel sympathy and love. Love for what someone is or has become despite their circumstances.

I learn. Knowledge is power. I learn because for me it is a spiritual experience. I like to understand and learn more only to realize how little I do know and understand.

I schedule. I schedule because I know myself, and I know I need to.

I blog. I blog because I benefit from others who blog. I have a selective blog roll, some make me happy, others inspire me, some just make me laugh. Maybe sharing thoughts and feelings helps all of us. Sometimes after I blog, I get really concerned that I might offend someone. Remember, I am a pleaser.

I am human. And I can handle that.

I am not perfect. My motives are not always pure. But I am improving. And that is what is important.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Even though you took every good gene in the family before I came along, I still love you.

Even though you live too far away, I still love you.

Even though I cried through your entire wedding and reception, I still love you (and Mark).

And even though I'm five years younger, but people think I look like the older one, I still love you.

I've always looked up to my big sissy and love the special relationship we have.

Monday, February 21, 2011

read/watch ONLY if you are bored and have nothing to do.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

I have a mature responsible side of me that dominates most of the time. But I am still in my low twenties and still have a little teeny bopper hiding inside. It comes out every once in a while. Like when Nicole and I went to the theatre to see High School Musical 3 (and maybe she shed a tear :) or like that time she and I went to the David Archuleta concert and acted like we were in high school. So, this post may expose a little bit of that side.
I love to sing. In fact I love to belt it out nice and loud, but ONLY at home.

The other day I was singing at home and D said "I haven't heard you sing in a really long time." It made me think. He was right I haven't sang (with the exception of nursery rhymes) at home just belting it out in a really long time. This last year has been a difficult one and I suppose I am beginning to feeling some stability and I am more myself. Maybe my urge to sing reflects what is going on inside?

Music has always been a big part of my life. I come from one very talented momma.

No, Marie Osmond is not my mom (but how many people can say they are named after Marie Osmond?...and I married Donny...hehe, my family loves that one.) my mom is one of three cute ladies shakin' it in the back (second half of the clip, after Donny's piano solo). She is the tallest one on the right. I wish they still had great T.V. like the Donny and Marie Show in the 70's.

More than music though I love voices. I am picky about my music because a good voice gets me going more than a catchy tune. Take for instance Clay Aiken. I know, I know. I was obsessed with him in high school. But it wasn't him. It was ONE NOTE that he hit and it did something to his voice! I loved that one note. I could pick it out in certain songs of his and I would rewind it just to hear it again. Oh, and remember I really like him, and not because he is Mormon. I had fun at that concert with my bestie.

I just might get more lame as this post goes on. You be the judge.

Jennifer Hudson, love her. She is among the top on my list of favorite voices.

I have this event on my DVR, still. I love it. So many great voices. JT anyone??

oh this one - love it, more than the original (please don't hate me for saying that.) So many great big voices. I wont lie, before this I didn't know Justin Bieber existed. After I saw this I googled to find out who that adorable little boy was. How can you listen to voices like these and not get goose bumps?! Especially when it is for such a great cause.

D and I like to see who can name the artist first on this video - we are actually really bad at it.
P.s. Am I the only one excited for Justin Bieber's movie?! I cannot go alone, who wants to join me??

Ashley from Make It and Love It recently posted one of my favorite moments on Oprah,

I love Celine Dion. In my experience you either love her or you hate her. No riding the fence with her. And those Tenors are adorable with great voices.

And while I am at it, I cannot conclude a list about great voices without adding Beyonce in all her glory on Dream Girls.

That is my favorite one to belt out. But no, I have nothing on Beyonce. Hopefully my neighbors can't hear!

Did I just go down on the "cool" scale?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

when skies are grey.

By the looks of things you may think the sun shines here every day. My blog is deceiving. In reality that is the only time I pull out the camera! The sun peeks its head once a week or so. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less.

I love the sun, oh how I love the sun. However, the rain hasn't bothered me much. I told that to my friend Tori and she said, "oh it will, trust me." Ha. I guess a month and a half isn't enough time to make a judgement. I think the reason it hasn't bothered me much is because although it rains and is cloudy you can get out in January and February. The temperature is moderate. The coldest days are when the sun is shining. So where I would normally be cooped up because of snow and bitter cold, we are outside playing because of clouds and rain and moderate temperatures. I can't complain.

Since moving here the song, "You Are My Sunshine" has a whole new very real meaning to me. My Grandpa Lee and Dad always sang that song to me growing up. My grandpa even had a dancing flower that sang it, too! That is where my blog title comes from.

sing it, come on you know that classic song...
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey."

There are a lot of grey skies here. But I find a lot of sunshine in my surroundings. My family and friends, beautiful scenery, yummy food, new adventures, etc.

So the grey skies doesn't refer to the weather forecast inside the house. Rather, outside.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Deja Vu

Sometimes I feel like my life right now is all too familiar. I look at Dock and see Veva. Veva was just in this stage almost the same time last year. It makes me mostly happy and just a little bit sad. Happy because Murdock is such a bright spot in our house. I cannot possibly look at him and be sad. He radiates happiness, that boy. Sad because I look at where Veva is and realize that will be Dock in a year. It all happens too fast. Way too fast.

When Vev was a baby I was so anxious for the next stage! I loved seeing her grow and develop. While I love watching Dock discover and learn I am hoping time stands still for a little bit. I have yet to even think about solids. The thought of that makes me long for his newborn self. I love the stage Veva is in and wouldn't wish her to be a baby again. But does it have to happen so fast??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the disappearing picture verdict is...

Everyone needs to invest in a Mac. It seems to have no problem with showing my pictures. :)

I think another thing that may help is a change in browsers. Perhaps using Google Chrome (FREE, D loves it) rather than Internet Explorer would help?? Just an observation from a few of the comments.

A Prayer

Dock screamed for 90 min. straight this morning. No letting up, bright red face, tears, the whole works. I could not console him one bit. I kept praying in my heart that I could keep calm and stay collected. It wears on you. Finally after an hour and a half I decided to pray.

I know one thing for sure, God is on a mother's side.

So I prayed that I would know what to do to console him or know what he needed. Instantly I looked over, saw Veva's binky and knew I needed to put it in his mouth. Instantly he stopped crying and fell asleep.

That was a miracle.

#1. He hates Veva's binky. I know this because I've tried to get him to take her kind. One time I lost his (They prefer different kinds) and he was not having hers.
#2. He relaxed and went to sleep.

As insignificant as the scenario may seem, that was God speaking to me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Will you please comment and tell me if you can see my images and what kind of computer you use (Mac or PC)? Is there a trend, like sometimes you can see the image but you log on another day and it is there? Or does it occur when there are over three images?

Don't hurt your brain helping me out. But any feed back would be nice!!

When I look at my blog on a MAC all images show all the time.

I have had several people tell me they can't see my images.

So I need to get to the bottom of this. I am thinking it may be my resizing for web that is a little overwhelming for some internet connections?! I don't know?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love D.

When people find out D is from Scotland often times their first question is, "Does he have an accent?!"

Not a thick one. Sorry to disappoint!

The other night while D and I were snuggling on the couch I begged him to put on his accent. It is so charming, but for the most part he has let it go by the way side. It all started with a mission companion who couldn't understand a word he said. So he decided if he wanted to be an effective missionary he'd better slow down his speech. The Scottish talk very fast! Have you met my father-in-law??

There is part of it that I think will linger on forever, the way he formulates certain vowels. That will never change because he tries really hard but he can't fake a perfect American accent (If you ever meet him, ask him to say "Thank You" he has no idea, but it's my favorite! He has to work really hard to get it out. I hope he doesn't stop saying it because I said this...I really do think it is charming.)

I won't lie, I crushed on his accent before I crushed on him.

Last month we celebrated Donny's fifth anniversary in the United States.

We celebrated at IHOP. That was as creative as we could think to be. The International House of Pancakes.

I am really glad he decided to come to the States for his higher education, and that I happened to transfer the same semester to the same school. It was fate! :)

We have been married four and a half years. August will be our fifth wedding anniversary. If you have calculated things in your head then you realize that we really did not date very long. To be exact we dated four months before we were engaged and were married two months after that. YIKES! I would have some serious words to speak to my daughter (and my Mom and Dad had a few for me too!!) if she ever tries to pull something like that! (D agrees!)

I was 20 years old, starting my senior year in university. I was young, didn't know who I was or what I wanted or needed for that matter. I was giddy and boy crazy, young and in love. And probably thought that I had things together. I was crazy about a Scottish boy.

Looking back I shake my head. Which brings me to my point of this post.

Everyday I thank God that D is the person he is.

Really, he could have turned out to be anything but wonderful.

We didn't really know each other. We didn't take the time to get to know each other before we were married. I believe in inspiration and personal revelation but I also believe that faith is an action word! We have to do our part (such as date and get to know the person and decide we want to be with them forever).

It is a REALLY good thing that God knew I needed to be watched closely in this department so I wouldn't make a terrible mistake.

D and I work hard at our marriage, and that is why it is a great one. It hasn't always been blissful, and we have had our struggles, but we work through them and we are better for them.

D loves me and cares for our marriage. He is unselfish enough that we are able to progress. He is always working to better himself and takes his role in our marriage seriously. We are on the same page. It really takes two unselfish people to make one happy marriage.

We aren't perfect and we have a long way to go, but the beauty of that is that it is okay, because we are getting better.
We bring out the best (and sometimes the worst :) in each other. After nearly five years of marriage I know both of us better. I know a lot more of who I am and a lot more of who D is. I made a really good choice to marry him. I feel so blessed that he is who he is.

Five words that describe D,

* Gentle
* Caring
* Compassionate
* Willing
* Eager

I love that I know him better than anyone knows him. I love that we both care enough to work at our marriage every single day. I love to look back over the last four and a half years and see what we have become.

I love D.

p.s. Valentines Day was rockin' at our house. That is why I didn't get around to posting this yesterday. Here is the proof.

Left to right, top to bottom:
Invited our neighbor upstairs to come make cookies (with the supplies my mom sent see last picture) so we could meet. Received some really sweet valentines from lots of friends. D and I went out on Saturday thanks to Tori, hands down - best date we've had. Pretty flowers from D and valentines decor. A valentine for Vevie. More cookies. Valentines Day dinner: homemade macaroni and cheese (D's fav), with a pink baguette. Package from Grandma and Grandpa for the kiddies with lots of valentine surprises!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finance talk.

D proposed that I take over the family finances.

D: "Isn't that what all housewives do?"

T: "Excuse me? I am not a housewife. I thought you loved doing that stuff, you ARE an accountant."

D: "Its kind of like the story of the plumber who never got around to fixing his own toilet so his wife hired another plumber to fix it. You know that story."

T: "Okay, I'll do it."

D: "Good, you consented now you are in charge until I consent to do it again."

T: "Wait, what??"

D: "Just try it for a month."

I suppose it will be good, since I basically spend the all the money anyway. I think it will also be good because sometimes my insane frugality bothers him. Now he doesn't need to know that the first item of business in my overseeing of the finances will be to shave a hundred dollars off the grocery budget for next month. Or maybe his stomach will tell him so. This boy doesn't like an empty fridge. I however pride myself in making do with what we have, which can make for some interesting dinners!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Yourself.

I decided a needed to post a picture for the more visual readers out there. Well, this picture has nothing to do with this post, but I like it. Mostly because I feel like in the craziness of having a baby, photo shoots, selling a house, moving, teaching clogging, church responsibilities, mothering, and wifeing (not a word) I missed out on fall. I didn't take a single picture this last fall of pretty leaves. So I'll live vicariously through this picture, and get on with the post.

I am not hard on myself.

I am glad I don't struggle with this, because I have seen some really sad situations dealing with this.

I think that is the most unfortunate stereotype of women in the Church. How hard we are on ourselves.

I loved a comment from a lady at church when she said,
"We don't have to read scriptures while baking bread on the treadmill."
Ha! I love that. I wish we could all love ourselves a little more and be less harsh on our short comings. We are not supposed to be perfect. So long as I try a little harder to be a little better I am going to be just fine. God knows my heart and I'll do my best in this life to prove it to him. But lets not get depressed or down on ourselves if we don't always meet our own expectations. Because that is just what they are...our own.

Satan sure works hard on us. He would love for us to not feel good enough or like we are not measuring up because our life isn't as glamourous as the next persons. I have learned to love my own problems. Every time I look at someone and think, "They have got it made" or "If only I could be like them," I learn that everyone has their own problems and trials and struggles. That is why we are here.

Satan would love to destroy the power a woman has by making her feel inadequate.

So do me a favor and love yourself a little more. It will help make me feel less sad about this topic.

And now I will step down from my soap box. Until tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Have you ever tried to scroll up on my blog to see the top of the header picture? he he. You are not the only one!

"Scroll up so I can see the top of that picture."

I think it is funny when people tell me they did that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choose your own adventure.

When I was in fourth grade I was obsessed with a book in the library. It was called "Polar Bear Express: Choose Your Own Adventure." I LOVED IT. So much in fact that after checking it out so many times the librarian just gave the book to me. I still remember her giving me the book and how cool I thought that was. I was elated! I read it over and over again. Of course it never got old because each time you read it the story changed. You got to a page and it gave you an option to turn to page 52 if you would like to be eaten by a a wolf (not really) or page 93 if you would like to sail off into the sunset. It was cool.

I haven't thought about that book in a really long time. In fact I actually have no clue where it is. I am sure it was donated to the D.I. My mom is far from being a hoarder. She loves to send stuff to the D.I.

However, the point of this post...

We had a "girls night out" and my friends presented me with a choose your own adventure Whatcom County style.

Full of bits of advice and do's and don'ts and likes and dislikes and where to go and don't go in Whatcom County.

AMAZING. That is what I think about these people. This book is priceless and it even has a map that accompanies it with favorite camping sites and vacation spots and favorite restaurants and places of dwelling all circled. Did I mention most everyone gave their advice on doctors, pediatricians, dentists, etc? I know. You wish you had one of these when you moved out into the great unknown!!

Who has amazing friends?! I do. The best part is, some of the contributers have never even met me!! Yet they helped out.

There is a lot in there about places to visit and things to do, I like to call it "Choose your own adventure in Whatcom County."

This book never gets old. There is more to do here than you can imagine!! I am loving it, and it is the middle of February. We have been to a lot of places and have barely scratched the surface. I am loving all the outdoorsy things that are literally right outside my door. Well I have to drive, but not very far.

So, we have flipped through a few pages

and seen some amazing views at Bellingham Bay

Watched boats and ships sail in,

Touched real live ocean creatures,

Walked through the rain forest (that is what it looked like to me) at Whatcom Falls and fed hungry fish at the fish hatchery,

Explored a children's museum,

Froze at Birch Bay

Ate donuts downtown

Played on the beach searching for crabs, clams and oysters and learned why someone suggested keeping a pair of rubber boots in every size. And have an extra pair of clothes and boots in the car at all times.

Ate pizza in the ghetto,

Went wimming at the city pool,

Admired views from our back porch (Someone must be on a recycling protest - that is a plastic sack hanging from the tree, right in the middle of my pretty picture!!)

Enjoyed seeing our shadows from any bit of sun peeking through clouds

Tasted the best peanut butter bar (Rachel, this blows ours out of the water) on the planet at a real authentic Dutch bakery located in a picturesque Dutch community, Lynden.

Fed geese, turkeys, birds, and bunnies at the local park. The darker colored one just about killed the white one while we were there, it was sooo sad. I was really ticked at that one.

And we even managed to make some friends along the way.

Before I left a good friend of mine, Heather, from our ward in Heyburn told me that what helps her adjust to moving is becoming familiar with her surroundings and taking advantage of what the area has to offer. She was so right.

I wish I had done more exploring in Idaho.

Try it out, be a tourist in your own city. Its exciting!!


Dock turned 5 months old today. Everyday I go on and on to D about how dreamy this boy is. I call him "my dreamboat." He loves his Momma. He is giddy, giggly, loves to smile, loves to talk, loves to roll, loves to be held (mostly by me), and adores his sister. He looks at her different than he looks at anyone else. I can tell he looks up to her, he loves her. Dock laughs at everything. If i look at him he'll giggle. He has the most adorable laugh. He sounds like the baby grinch! You don't think that would be adorable?? Trust me it is. I will post a video sometime. It really is precious. He is full of more giggles and smiles than Veva ever had as a baby.

There is a difference between having baby boys and baby girls. I'm not talking temperament, I am talking connection. I knew it before, but having children has proven to me even more that gender is a powerful and sacred component of who we are.

My relationship with Veva is special in part because she is my own kind. She is a female. I love being a Woman. I feel a connection with her because I understand her. Even though she is only 18 months old, I get her, because we females understand each other. I feel even more with her that she is a part of me. We share something so special, we are female. We are cherished by God. We nurture, love, and carry divine responsibilities as women. Already I can see it.

Dock however, this boy melts my heart. He needs me. Men need women and women need men. Relationships between males and females on all levels are sacred. Wife/husband, mother/son, father/daughter. I felt this connection the day he was born. He loves his mommy and his mommy loves him back. He gives me warm fuzzies inside.

I would conclude that one relationship is not better than the other. They are both really special in their own ways.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I give it a thumbs up.

Before I came to Bellingham I didn't like it. It was too far from my world. I didn't want the unrest it would bring to our lives. Its been just over a month since we pulled into town and I've covered an entire spectrum of emotions. I've come a really long way in a few short weeks. I've seen myself in a situation I have never been in and I have gotten to know a side of myself that I never knew. I am still working toward being me. That is the part that has surprised me. I would consider myself a confident, outgoing, happy person. And here I have found myself more observant than involved, more insecure than confident, more subdued than outgoing and less like myself than I have ever been. But that is okay. "I" will come around with time.

The one constant thing in me has been that I am still happy, with only a few sprinkles of sad. I can be happy anywhere. I'm not depressed, I am just new and newness takes time to wear off and become normal. I find I am fully myself when I'm home or talking to family and old friends or blogging. That may be why you have seen me around more. I can be myself here.

So yes, I miss my old home. I miss my family and friends who were like family. But I love this place, for more reasons than one. I have come a REALLY long way in the last few weeks.

I am a better mother and wife than I've ever been.

My life is in balance.

I gave up a lot of things I love and God has blessed me even more for it.

We spend more quality time as a family. We are all we really have.

I am learning the importance of love.

I am seeing different sides of all of us.

I have been driven from complacency.

The void in my heart and the emptiness I feel has been filled with the Holy Ghost. It is peace in the midst of turmoil, truly a miracle.

And, I pray more fervently than I ever have before.

I know Bellingham will always hold a special place in our hearts. My fervent search for peace and happiness here has impacted me after just one short month.

Stay tuned for some pretty awesome pictures and adventures.

Friday, February 4, 2011


And yes, that is bacon on my maple bar. Crazy, but actually really good!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


A few people have asked about that schedule on my board that is ever evolving to match holidays and occasions.

So this is what it is...

I like to be happy and feel accomplished. I like to ENJOY my life. I don't like to dread waking up or going to bed (that is why I put a lot of energy into training my kids to be good sleepers). I don't like to dread Monday's or live for the weekends. I want to enjoy everyday as much as possible.

SO in order to make that happen I have a schedule. Don't get the wrong idea, it doesn't rule our lives. It just helps bring order to them.

I rarely stick to it verbatim. Things come up and plans change. However, it gives me an outline of how to have a successful day, without setting the bar too high. The main reason I made a schedule to hang on the wall is so that I remember the importance of quality time with myself (there is nothing I dislike more than folding laundry or doing dishes when the kids are taking a nap!!) and quality time with my kids.

Many things such as going to bed with a loaded dishwasher, clean house, and folded laundry make that quality time possible. Two kids under two, 13 months apart doesn't lend its self to successful scheduling and often times doesn't leave me much ME time. For that reason, I vow to never get discouraged if things don't go as planned. So what if I missed my morning meditation because Veva woke up early or I slept in, I'll try for tomorrow. Or if we want to be out later than the kids bed time, then we do it, and it isn't the end of the world. The kids usually do just fine. Sometimes Dock is awake during all of my time and that is okay too.

That being said, PLEASE DO NOT implement this idea into your own life and then get discouraged because you feel like a failure for not accomplishing the entire "to-do" list. That would make me feel HORRIBLE!

This is how I keep happy and feel good about things. Some people feel better when they don't have a schedule, maybe you are too hard on yourself to have a schedule, maybe you are so wonderful you don't need one. You just need to figure out what works best for you.

When I don't have a schedule I feel like I am cleaning ALL DAY LONG or doing laundry ALL DAY LONG. Ever feel that way?!?! I do. But my schedule outlines when I do those things, therefore I let the house be messy with toys, then we clean up at certain points throughout the day. Veva helps while she sings the song, "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!" Only hers goes like this, "upy, upy, upy..."

Also, this schedule will always change with age and weather. right now I have an 18 1/2 month old and a 4 1/2 month old and most days are COLD and rainy.

One last thing (I am long winded), we are early to bed and early to rise kind of people. If that isn't you, don't feel bad - just adapt your schedule so that you can be successful, if that means you wake up at 8:00 (or later!), then great!!



6:00 – My day begins
Shower and get ready
meditate, pray, read scriptures, make bed.

7:00 – Make breakfast
Empty dishwasher
Family Scriptures
Family Prayer

7:30 – Donny leaves for work
Clean up Breakfast
Start 1 load of laundry
Kids ready for the day

8:30 –10 – Quality time
Play with toys on the ground
Read stories
Dance and sing songs.
Clean up toys
Have a healthy treat
Change wash to dryer

10:00 - 12:00 - Change of scenery (play groups, exploring, parks, etc...)


12:30 - Nap Time

2:30 ish (after nap) hands on learning
Play dough, Finger painting, Coloring, Baking,
Dance party

4:00 Prep for D
Fold the laundry
Pick up the house
Start making dinner

5:30 – Donny gets home

5:30-6:00 – Dinner and night time routine
Bathe kids, comb hair, brush teeth, jammies on.
Read stories, drink milk, say prayers, rock, ni-night.

7:30– Kids bedtime
7:30 – 8:30 Prep for tomorrow
Put garbage in front of door for Donny to take out
Start the dishwasher
Prepare the diaper bag
Pick up the house
Pack Donny a lunch

8:30-9:30 – Relax, read, write, etc.
10:00– In bed

One thing I plan on adding when Veva gets a little older is this, Fun Food Friday

Check out the link, it is adorable!

I'm not savvy enough to link the word doc, so email me if you'd like it... (at) gmail (dot) com

I love to hear other people's ideas. What do you do? What keeps you and everyone around you happy and feeling good about life?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Spreads

KayLyn called today. We had a nice chat. She told me about her new calling at church and how she is nervous about it. Then she told me about something she did in my honor. She befriended someone at church who was new to the area and even went out of her comfort zone to invite her to something later on in the week. I was so happy to hear that. She said she knew the new person could probably use a friend and was probably feeling similar to the way I feel here. It made my heart warm to hear that. I know how that lady felt when KayLyn did that, and it feels good.

I was talking to my sister and a couple weeks ago she thought about others in my honor as well. She wrote a few people a note and told them why she appreciated them. I am sure it made them feel good.

Have you done anything to make someone else feel good? I'm sending out valentines to spread my love.

**The picture is a sneak peek of Veva's valentines -- more details to come**


Two weeks ago it snowed. We headed to toddler time at the local Boys and Girls Club and the doors we locked. I thought we must have been the first to arrive. So we waited for 10 min. or so and no one came. We were all alone in the parking lot.

Turns out, It was cancelled because of the snow. In fact, all schools in the entire county were closed.

Growing up I loved snow days. That was the best getting to stay home from school and play in the snow and build snowmen. However, my snow days never looked like this.

We got in the car and I laughed out loud. I am not in Idaho anymore.

However, we are assimilating.

For instance, we don't use an umbrella. Because most days are rainy.

What? That doesn't make sense to you? I didn't understand either until I moved here and realized if you try to stay dry you would live under an umbrella. Who wants to live under an umbrella? Besides I don't have enough hands for one anyway.

And after only one month I am one of them...

I did it, I waited IN LINE for the cheapest gas. Really only because I needed gas and was waiting for D to meet me at Costco after work. But still, I did it.