Sunday, January 30, 2011

For you Mom.

My Mom is worried about me. Probably because every so often I have a bad day and I call her in tears and beg her to come visit me.

So, for her peace of mind this is for her.

Dear Mom,
Things are going great.

The sun was shinning today,

Veva made me laugh,

Dock made me melt,

D took me out, kidless.

Your prayers are being felt.



p.s. We put our Valentines decorations up.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This post all started because of a car that was smoking from the hood last night.

***Post Edit: D says this post could come across as though we are "self righteous." Not so, please don't take it that way.

Well, if this last month is a reflection of the rest of the year, it should be an exciting one!

we are going on $1200.00 in car repairs and I think I have cried everyday with the exception of maybe one or two.

That being said, I have a (real, genuine, not fake, nor forced) smile on my face most of the day. Because even though part of my life is in turmoil, much of it is wonderful.

D and I take the "stay out of debt" thing very seriously. I have heard the "big B Brethren" (Brother Baron at BYU-I used to call them that) council that debt is okay for a modest home and education. So that is how we live.

We have a few student loans from D's master program to pay for tuition while we were paying for babies with all our savings. We have really awesome insurance and it is actually a better deal for us not to bill insurance and take a discount from the hospital and doctors to pay cash. Unless an emergency happened, then they will let us bill insurance at no penalty. However, we've done cash with my smooth sailing deliveries. Having a child is spendy, worth it, but spendy. My mother-in-law tells me to come have them in the UK for free.

I really do have a point to this, stick with me.

So we don't have a credit card, *GASP* (How will they build their credit?! BUT THE CASH REWARDS ARE GREAT!) blah, blah, blah. I once worked for a shady company (USED TO okay I got out and never made any shady promises) and they would try to pressure customers about the whole YOU NEED A CREDIT CARD TO GET ANYWHERE IN LIFE. you don't. In fact, cutting yours up will probably get you further in life. You don't need that back up. You don't need the "good credit" from a credit card AND you certainly don't need the bill attached and the convenience of the piece of plastic, that has no substance, but feels like security. Just ask Dave Ramsey. However, I won't judge you if you have one. We all believe differently.

Okay, where was I going with this?...OH yes, our cars. We don't buy cars on credit either. So we drive trashy cars. Hence the 1200.00 we have spent this month. You are probably thinking inside, YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITH A CAR PAYMENT. Think what you will, but lets be honest we don't pay that much every month and they are reliable most of the time. We will drive that 93 Accord into the ground until we can pay cash for something better.

That is just how we live. We try to live very frugal and simple. Our most recent situation is a prime example of how living simply in our means is a HUGE blessing. We bought a modest home. It was small and not in the greatest of locations, but it was enough. Our payment was low enough that we weren't "house poor."

Well in order to make a better future in terms of employment for us, D took a temporary pay cut. But we are okay. Even if we hadn't sold our house we would be okay, barely okay, but okay. My point is because we lived fugally we are so blessed. Who knows what things may arise. We don't have car payments so there were no cars to repo if we couldn't pay them any longer. We don't have a credit card so we didn't have to worry about not being able to cover a credit card bill. Although we are not "raking in the cash" (as D would say) we are able to stay afloat because of wise wise council to be self-reliant.

Sometimes I covet, when my friends drive really nice cars and look super cute in all their lovelies, but only for a second. Then I think, "my day will come (hopefully)."

And that is all. Not sure what my thesis statement is, my whole undergrad degree would frown upon that.

And now I am off to do some spring cleaning of our monthly bills.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't we all just want to be recognized, appreciated, and a part of something?

Or maybe it is just me. It has been an interesting thing to come to a place where all people know is my name. I moved from a town that knows my family tree! I am Isaac Lee's grand-daughter, Brent and Jacque's daughter and still sometimes Jason's sister. Doesn't mean I didn't have my own identity. But people knew me all the way back into time. Now I am Tiffany Jack. No one knows my family. No one knows about my "former life" in Idaho. I am all talk. I know we will get established and people around us will know who we are. But it is a really interesting thing. A big change. It is making me a better person. It is a good push from being somewhat complacent. I will forever be a better friend to others. I am "that person" who needs a friend. At least I am not going to go inactive as a member of the LDS church because I didn't feel a part of something for some time. But imagine a new member or investigator or even a long time member. Their testimonies may just be small or may be going through a difficult time and they need friends. They need to feel loved and a part of something. There is a girl here who has saved my life. Tori. She is the salt of the earth. Really. I need to be more like her. She has made me feel so welcome. Not just at church. In fact, my first Sunday was her first Sunday in our ward as well! She takes the effort to invite me to things. I go to three play groups a week. None of which I would have known about with out her effort! Everyone loves her, she has family and friends here three kids and six weeks away from her fourth, with a difficult pregnancy and no reason to befriend me, just kindness and unselfishness. Yesterday she took me to the children's museum. I tell Donny all the time, "What would I be doing right now without Tori?!" Sitting home. Crafting. Eating my emotions, and my kids would be stir crazy! But because someone took the effort to befriend me, I am making friends, Veva is making friends and we are all happier for it!

So, go make someone feel good. It feels good to feel good.

And check out my tragedy reveal below.

Oh yes, "the tragedy."

How could I forget!! A whole week later and I still have not updated you on "the tragedy."

Well lets just say $2000.00 (not taking depreciation into consideration. I am married to an accountant, maybe I should think these things through better) dropped out of my hands down 5 feet 4 inches to the ground and only $1500.00 of it survived.

Let me explain.

It was D's birthday.

I made a yummy cake. Thanks to Bakerella. I literally slaved at it all day. layered cakes take forever when you only have one cake pan, two kids, and you make them from scratch.

D blew out the candle. Yes, only one. uhh...becuase...oh ya, he is number on in our lives! Veva enjoyed herself.

He opened presents from my parents and myself. Lets just say he is one lucky boy.

I juggled Dock and the heavy camer equipped with a heavy lens and heavy flash. I snapped this pic...

and boom!! it fell to the ground (my camera that is.)

D responded, "party over."

Boy, after all the build up you were probably thinking the house burned down, was that a let down?

On to other new news. Out our back porch are trees (surprise! - There are trees everywhere) and lots of squirrels. Veva calls them doggies and goes crazy over them. She loves to sit at the window and watch them and squeal and yell, "doggie!" This is a series of photos depicting her love for the "doggies."

We drove about 15 min. to Birch Bay (the Pacific Ocean). Oh so beautiful. Windy, cold, but a beautiful view.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A familiar face

Remember how I was begging to see a familiar face? Well since Burley is the center of the universe (not kidding) it happened.

I was sitting in the adult session of stake conference tonight and it just so happened that Mr. Pringle was there as well... presiding, as President Pringle, stake president of the Bellingham stake, which I happen to be in. In fact after conversing with him after the meeting, he just lives up the road from us. Funny how that is. He was happy to see me and to talk about my siblings and Burley. He hasn't changed a day. It was like seeing him in the halls of Burley high school, way back when. Oh it was nice to see a familiar face even if it was from my past and completely random.

Anyone remember Mr. Pringle?! Physics.

Also, yesterday D turned 28. We had a party, just the four of us. Shortly after blowing out candles tragedy struck. More on that later. I'll post pictures of the evidence (and birthday boy) hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

These are my lovelies.

I am a lucky woman. I spend every day with these two, all day long. I know them better than anyone in the world. They adore me and I adore them. Thinking about them makes my heart happy. Our life isn't perfect. Not everyday constitutes success. However, we haver more smiles and laughs than tears. Usually.

And look how handsome D is in his picture as a professional. His blood pressure is still working its way down from that intense football game Monday night. He is an Auburn University alum. They won the national title incase you don't have an American football addict husband. I must admit I enjoyed the game. That may be a first and a last for me.

Monday, January 10, 2011


This year I want to love myself more.
Loving and accepting yourself is a powerful thing. How can we truly love and respect others if we don't love and respect ourselves?
I believe we need to find inner peace before we can better ourselves. My heart has been hurting, literally. Have you felt that lately? A heart can really hurt. because of pain, loss, emptiness, etc. It isn't just a saying. It has been a really long time since I felt that. I miss so much about home. I feel such a void in my life. I am missing so many things that are familiar. If I could just see a single familiar face! Good thing for Skype. Talking to my Sis and her kids, brother and sis-in-law, and my parents helps ease the pain. I miss meaning something to anyone around me. No one knows me here. I miss being important to the primary kids in our ward, to my students at clogging, to others in the community for my volunteer work. Then I realized that no where in my thoughts was my family. I am the most important thing in my husband's and children's lives. Their lives are sustained through me, my love, my attention, my caring. My marriage needs me. Veva and Murdock survive because of me. I am crucial to their well-being. That was when I decided I needed to love myself more. My family needs me. And I need me. Back. I miss my old self.

I want to love my self enough that I don't judge others.
I want to love myself enough that I truly enjoy seeing others succeed.
I want to love myself enough that I don't hesitate being myself.
I want to love myself enough that I can be comfortable with my life as a stay-at-home-mom. Everyday.
I want to love myself enough that I can make friends easily.
I want to love myself enough that social situations won't give me anxiety.
I want to love myself enough that I can be a better spouse.
I want to love myself enough that I can let things go.
I want to love myself enough that I don't seek gratification from others.
I want to love myself enough that I always seek to serve.
I want to love myself so I can love others more.
I want to love myself enough that I can be humble.
I want to love myself enough that I don't hesitate to compliment.
I want to love myself enough that I can be happy.

I want to be more secure in who I am and the capabilities I have. I want inner peace.

I want more self-control in my emotions. I want to be more patient.

It will be a process, but I am optimistic that all areas of my life will improve if I love myself more. If I am taking care of me. Doing things that will benefit my spiritual, physical and emotional wellness. Putting myself first so everyone can benefit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

rainy days

Today's forecast was rainy. Inside and outside.

Then these guys called to see how I was doing?

Much better now, thanks.
It is good to feel loved.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth.

Can I try to entice you to come for a visit?

Please do.
I would really love it. We can squeeze you into the two bedroom apartment we are currently residing in.
The last three days have been sunny and cold. It is like a welcome gift from Mother Nature. It is making the culture shock a little less shocking.

We are trying to see as much of the beauty as we can while its sunny. It may be summer before the sun shines again...or so we hear. So we have been all over. Every day we visit a new area of town. A new Lake. A new city. A new lookout point. You just can't see the beautiful views when it is cloudy. The sun makes everything majestic and reveals a whole world hiding behind the clouds!

We've been downtown to Bellingham Bay a couple times. The body of water is the ocean. You can see a stunning view of Lummi Island with San Juan Islands just behind. You know the famous San Juan Islands. Yes. Seriously. You can take a short ferry ride to get to them. Now you want to come right?? We took the kids on a walk in the stroller and watched fishing boats and other kinds of boats/ships come in and out of the harbor. We watched a sail boat and talked about going on one. One day. We watched seagulls fly and lots of kids enjoy the swarming birds. It was perfect, for the short time it lasted. It was freezing.

These pictures are SOOC (meaning "straight off the camera" or no editing what so ever.)

BEAUTIFUL! It was a bitter 36 degrees. I say bitter because that is exactly what it was!! It felt like what -10F feels like in Idaho. No lying. The humidity makes it sting all the way to your bones. Brrrrrrrrr. Just a side note - the coldest I have ever been in my whole life was not in Rexburg, ID. It was in Scotland. At St. Andrews. 20 min. from where Donny grew up. In November. That was a bitter cold day. Today brought back those memories on a lighter scale.

ANYWAY....back to my pretty pictures.