Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call me Mrs. Murdock.

Phone rings...
T: "Hello?"
Lady at the Dr's Office: "Mrs. Murdock?"
T: "Yes?" (you would stop correcting after the umpteenth time, as well)
Lady at the Dr's Office:"Hi, this is (insert name) at Dr. _________ office. We are currently out of immunizations, would you still like to bring Jack in for his check up tomorrow?"
a couple min. later...

"ring", "ring"
T: "Hello?"
Lady at the Dr's Office: "Mrs. Jack?"
T: "Yes?" (smiling)
Lady at the Dr's Office:"Did I just call you Mrs. Murdock?"

The story of this boys short life! :)

Dock is such a chunk these days! I have prayed for a good healthy baby to squish and snuggle and not worry about. He loves to eat and has rolls to show for it! Veva threw everything up, every time she ate. Dock keeps it all down and it goes right to his thighs. You have no idea how refreshing it is! I was always worried about Vev. Well, he is sure to pass her up in weight very shortly!! She is barely 20 lbs. She had better watch out because he may seek revenge and he'd had the body mass to do it.

For weight he is in the 97% range at a whopping 14 lbs. 8 oz! Yes! I know!! he is huge!! A hefty 2 month old for sure. Vev barely hit 16 pounds at 7 months.
He is in the 95% range for height at 24 in. long. For some reason our short selves (5'5 and 5'8") produce long babies. Veva was the exact same and still measures really tall.

Sunday, November 7, 2010