Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bitter, Sweet.

I looked forward to her nap all morning, because I had so much laundry and house work to complete. Then finally, she went down...But now I miss her. Funny how that works.

Our weekend.

What a weekend!
Friday night I left the family (D & Vev) home and headed to "Pokey" with Hill, Kris, and Melis, for state Jr. Miss. One of our clogging students was participating, and doing her talent Friday night...clogging!

Then Saturday morning - threw a baby shower for my best friend growing up. She's having a boy the end of November. Remember the ABC book I made? Well, I saw an idea on the blog "U create" where everyone at the shower made a page for an ABC book for the new baby! So I made a second book, but left the pages blank with the letter. The guests at the party filled in with pictures. I think it will be a fun keepsake from the shower.

Next, I replenished my wipes supply. Yes, I make my own they don't fall apart (I always seem to get asked that question.) My sister did this with her babies. Its super easy, super cheap, and much more natural. All I do is 1 1/2 cups of boiled water cooled to room temperature. Put that in a tupperware that fits the roll of halved paper towels. put in a tablespoon or so of baby wash - I don't really measure. But you will figure it out. I also put a Smidgen of baby oil. Not much though - I don't like it with too much. Mix it all in there well. Then I take the cardboard center out of the paper towels, and push it down into the water (with the cut side down), put the lid on, let it soak it up for an hour or so, and turn it upside down for a little bit. then you just pull up from the center....just like wipes. Love it. You can add other things such as Tea Tree. It is good for rashes and mild enough for a baby's bottom. Be sure to use bounty. Don't go cheap. Bounty expands when wet, while others shrink. Also, get the ones that perforate at half of the normal size of a paper towel. They will go much further. Go on, save some money.

Then, Copes came to visit!! We just love them, it is so nice to have a couple that we mesh with so well. That would be the Copes. They are our bestest.

Late at night. :)

We also watched the Relief Society broadcast, and took pics of little Annie Nicole.

It was such a great weekend. Nathan and Nicole...please move closer.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Many of you know Sam. Can you believe he is already graduating high school?! And can you believe what a handsome young man he has become? We all have something we can learn from Sam and his family. Not only are they blessed to have such a special person in their family, he is so blessed to have such great parents. They have helped Sam do the unthinkable. His handicap has not held him back in many ways, and that, I believe, has a lot to do with his mom and dad.
I was excited when his mom asked me to take his senior pictures. I feel like pictures have the ability to tell much about a person. Sam has extreme depth, not to mention he is a genius! I was pleased with how they turned out. I feel like the images convey a thousand words.

While taking pictures he went through the entire history of presidents of the United States, then proceeded to give a history of all the vice presidents, proved himself to be an encyclopedia on dogs, and knew my date of birth - month, day, year, and day of the week I was born on. Every time I see Sam I learn something new, sometimes its unspoken.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A spittin' image.

I always say that Vev is a little D. She looks so much like him its crazy! Really, she didn't take on many of my genes.
Well, here is some proof.

Granted D is 4 in this picture and V is not quite 2 months. This is the youngest pic we have of D, but I still see an obvious resemblance.

My sweet baby, and a project.

I always thought it was funny how new moms would post so many pictures of their babies. They pretty much look the same in all of them, just a different outfit, a different angle. As soon as they had a baby the ENTIRE blog was devoted to pictures of their baby. I never thought I would be that way. Then I had a baby. I now understand the obsession. However, I will try to keep it guarantees. So here is another picture of my adorable baby. :)

This was Saturday's project. Remember when I made THIS? Well I had some left over book board and decided to make an ABC book for Vev.

All you need:
A friend like Gena (who taught me how to make books, thanks Gena!)
Book board - I got mine at clue where you can get it. Gena, any ideas?
Scrapbook paper
MOD PODGE (I use it on everything...invest in a bottle now!)
Little pegs (I picked mine up at the local scrapbook store

and here you have it...

now, I am not an artist, and I do not pretend to be! However, I wanted this to be authentic and straight from the heart. :) D and I got a good laugh looking through the pages.

V n' Me

V isn't so sure about this whole picture thing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What happens at Grandpa's stays at Grandpa's.

After Sunday dinner at my Mom & Dad's, my Dad came out to the car to see us off. He shared a few words with Veva and sent us on our way. This is what we saw when we pulled her out of the car. :) Nice one dad! We laughed.

And this picture, because I cannot get enough of her!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Auntie Bekah,

Thanks for making me this adorable dress. It was perfect for my first day at church.



Weekend Fun!

We had a great week. It started off with our dear friends the Cope's stopping by for a visit on Labor day. Veva & Annie hit it right off.

This weekend D's sister Auntie Trish came to visit.

Veva's first boat ride. She'll probably be wakeboarding before she walks. Thats how we do things around here.

The weather has been beautiful. We are trying to get in as many walks as we can before it starts snowing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I love my life...

as a stay at home mom. I really do.

Vevs loves her bouncer. A great investment.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Before I begin this post of what Vev and I have been up to, here is an update on her.

I talked to the Dr. today; he wanted an update on how her breathing was. She has improved a little, but is still breathing more rapid than normal, and she is still having asthma attacks - but not as frequent. He concluded that with her state we need to advance to a steroid. She will be on the nebulizer and steroid for a couple months. I am so grateful for such a wonderful Dr. He really has been so good to her. He is certainly in it for the right reasons, and you can tell he genuinely loves to help people.

So that is where our little sweet pea stands.

As for me...

I've been up to lots.

Maybe this will give you a few ideas. A lot of the reason I like crafts is because I am super cheap, or we could say "frugal." I am sure sometimes it drives D nuts. Also, most of my creations are for the purpose of organizing. I LOVE to be organized, and I love things to look clean and sleek. Another reason I love to be crafty, is that I love creating things. I get a lot of enjoyment from "making my own."

So, here it goes.

This morning's project...

I make a new calendar every month out of poster paper. I like to decorate it with a theme for the month. We'll I got sick of paying for those poster papers, so I whipped this up. I remembered a piece of art work that I had drawn in 9th grade that was framed at my moms house. I was sitting in my old closet, so I took the frame - put fabric that I had lying around behind it. Created the base of the calendar with Sharpie and used dry erase on the rest. to the left, I cleaned out an empty bottle of Enfamil formula put a ribbon around it in order to store the markers and eraser. Viola! A calendar that looks clean - and is less maintenance each month. I plan to add little snaps in the corners, in order to doll it up for each month. Make sense? Oh, I attached them both to the fridge with 3M wall hanger things. They almost look like velcro. It works great! Also, above the marker holder is a paper pad for making lists, etc. I cut down paper to a desirable size, punched holes, and used a piece of rick-rack to hang it. That's what I had lying around.

I did this a couple weeks ago.

Veva's room needed something. It just didn't feel complete. So I decided to make a border. I used scrapbook paper, and a cricut machine to cut out letters of the alphabet. I glued each up with Elmers glue. Elmers is water soluable. Whatever you do...don't use glue dots!! You will never get them off.

In the making...

I'm super excited about this project. Our bedroom suffers in terms of decor. I looked around the house and found fabric, 3 pieces of cardboard (I teach singing time in I keep that kind of stuff), and mod podge. This should turn out fun. I'll give you an update when I get it finished.

I also came up with a way for organizing meal time. I'll share that later as well.

***Can you view the images on my blog? Or are they fine for you?***

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Too many sad posts lately!

This is happiness...

Doing the laundry with Dad. That hold is what we affectionately call the "Evans hold." D's boss taught it to us the other day. She loves it!

This smile completely melts every bit of my heart. The first time she smiled was a day before she was 4 weeks. D and I were sitting on our bed with her and she sported the biggest smile. We about died. She is so precious.

(D wearing a "John Deere" shirt is like an American wearing a "Mind The Gap" shirt in Britain...he's "assimilating.")

"Pocket Size."

Hanging out with dad. Boy, all she'll have to do is smile and she can have whatever she wants. I cannot believe how these pictures make me feel!

3:00 AM this morning. You wouldn't mind waking up in the middle of the night to this either.

6 weeks, going strong.

Today I went to Walgreens to fill a prescription for myself. The following is how the trip went.

I pulled up and a lady I did not recognize came to the drive-up window.

Lady at the window: "Hi how are you?"
Me: "I'm well, thanks. I have a prescription here that has two on it, but I only need one of them."
Lady at the window: "Okay, is it for Veva?"
Me: (Seriously?!) " its actually for me this time."
Lady at the window: "Okay, what is your name?"

Veva has made many friends in the medical field.

Here is the latest.

My sweet baby now has a rough case of asthma.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FAB 5.

I teach clogging. Another teacher at our studio happens to be my cousin. She also happens to be one of five sisters who are clogging on America's Got Talent tonight. One of the sisters also happens to be named Veva.

Watch the "Fab 5" tonight on the top 20 of America's Got Talent and vote - they are awesome!!!